Cimorelli back #nevertoopretty campaign to empower girls and women

The picture the Cimorelli sisters posted to Instagram, with the hashtag #nevertoopretty

Cimorelli have lent their backing to the Instagram #nevertoopretty campaign to empower girls and women.

The band, made up of sisters Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani, posted a picture of themselves on the site with a placard telling female fans: “You’re never too pretty to be the boss of your career”.

The#nevertoopretty campaign has been backed by a series of other famous names, including two-time California Senator Becky Morgan and three-time Olympic gold-medallist swimmer Debbie Meyer.

The movement was started by former boxer Cary Williams, who set it up being told during her career that she was too pretty to be a boxer.

Former boxer Cary Williams, who launched #nevertoopretty after being told she was "too pretty" to fight
Former boxer Cary Williams, who launched #nevertoopretty after being told she was “too pretty” to fight

She said: “It really meant in their mind, that I was not capable. Fast forward 5 years and it dawned on me that she was not the only girl/woman experiencing these comments.”

The #nevertoopretty campaign sees people post pictures of themselves on Instagram with a board saying what girls and women are Never Too Pretty to be or do.

My mother reminding us that we are #nevertoopretty to be a State Senator for Silicon Valley. #tooprettymovement #thebeautyinstrength

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Debbie Meyer won 3 Gold Medals in swimming at the young age of 16! When asked if anything happened that made her feel defeated and how she overcame that, this is what she said: “I became unemployed due to the University swim team being dropped and I began to wonder how I would support my two children and myself.  It wasn’t overnight but I realized swimming was my life and what I knew and loved.  I was successful in swimming because of desire, determination and dedication.  I used those three qualities to buy and run the Debbie Meyer Swim School in 1993. We are now in our 23rd year!! I also met my husband by teaching his daughter to swim the second week I opened the school.” ○○○○○○○ We want all of you to post your own picture to let everyone know what you are Never Too Pretty to do ! Use hash tags #tooprettymovement #nevertoopretty #thebeautyinstrength Email us your pix so we can post it here as well! ○○○○○○○ #womeninbiz #womeninsport #inspiration #inspiringwomen #happysaturday #competition #olympics #olympian #swimmer #goldmedal #leadlikeher #BOSSLADY #girlboss #mentor #rolemodel

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Aubrey is Never “Too Pretty” To Help Someone In Need! Last year Mrs. Luna, a teacher at Aubrey’s school, was choking in the children’s bathroom. She tried unsuccessfully to get the attention of some of the students who had entered the bathroom. As she continued getting weaker and had collapsed to the ground Aubrey, seven years old at the time, came into the bathroom and saw her. She was able to recognize what was going on and that Mrs. Luna needed help. She swiftly got the attention of the teachers and staff that were able to give her the medical treatment necessary to get her breathing clearly again. She recently was awarded the Girl Scout Medal of Honor, the highest honor a Girl Scout can achieve, for helping save Mrs. Luna. We are grateful that Aubrey was aware enough of her surroundings to think quickly and help! She has been a great example to her siblings and school-mates proving that you should never be too pretty to help someone in need. #tooprettymovement #nevertoopretty #thebeautyinstrength #skatergirl #surfergirl #skate #skateboarding #inspire #shred #grom #surf #inspire #honor #help

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This is Loretta’s mom, Anna, and she is Never Too Pretty TO USE POWER TOOLS! This is what Loretta says about her mother: “It wasn’t until she was in her 60s that my mother started working with power tools.  Before then, her creative might conquered what it needed and/or wanted, usually on a smaller, but no less impressive scale.  Now, a foot bridge, bunk beds, shelving units, tables, benches (you get the picture) later, she continues to show her daughter and granddaughters that a woman is never too pretty to build the world she envisions.” ♡♡♡♡♡♡ #mothersday #motherdaughter #grandmother #powertools #woodwork #create #nevertooold #nevertoolate #conquer #saturdayvibes #tooprettybrand ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Please Comment and share with your friends in your comment if you are inspired! Post one of your own! Get cardboard, write on it what you are Never Too Pretty to do, post in B & W on your instagram describing why you wrote it. Use hash tags #tooprettymovement #nevertoopretty #thebeautyinstrength ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Sub at our website to get the link to our Kickstarter campaign May 3rd. Exclusive items available on on Kickstarter!

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Brittany is NEVER TOO PRETTY… TO RACE! ? She says: “Growing up, I’ve always had an interest in cars and even worked in an oil change and suspension shop for awhile. This interest led me to the male-dominated racing sport of Autocross. Although my husband and racing family are amazingly supportive, I still hear negative comments from others such as “girls don’t work on cars” or “aren’t you worried about getting grease on yourself?” or “are you even any good at that?” … You’re never too pretty to do anything! With my message, I hope to inspire other women to get out there and do what you love, go play with the boys and show them what you can do! Don’t let anyone bring you down or try to tell you that you can’t do “boy things”! Thank you @tooprettybrand for starting the amazing motivational #tooprettymovement •••• #thebeautyinstrength #tooprettybrand #nevertoopretty #bosslady #inspire #motivation @@@@@@ If you are feeling this ladies, comment and share with your friends in the comment! WE NEED MORE POSTS FROM ALL OF YOU!! Same drill: Get cardboard, write on it what y ok u are Never Too Pretty to do, post on your IG in B &W Explain why you wrote that and use hash tags #tooprettymovement #nevertoopretty #thebeautyinstrength @@@@@@ ##future #harriettubman #positive #gratitude #liveauthentic #girlswhorace #girlswhodrivestick #racecars #racetrack #autocross #tooprettybrand

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Kate is Never Too Pretty to BE A COLLEGE PROFESSOR! Kate says: “As a kid I was always good at math and science.  My (male) high school physics teacher told me specifically that “girls can’t do science,” but I went on to study it in college and got my doctorate degree.  Now I teach science classes at UCLA!  I want young girls to know that it’s OK to be nerdy and to be good at math, and I hope that younger generations continue to see more and more women in this traditionally “male” role.” •••••••••••• #ucla #girlswhoteach #nerdsrule #nerdy #teachers #professor #college #womenwhoteach #girlboss #bosslady #classroom #doctorate ••••••••••••• Please comment on this post along with adding your friends in the comet so they can see it!! We also want to see your post! Here’s how you do it: 1. Write on a piece of cardboard what you are Never Too Pretty to do 2. Post photo in black and white along with your story and hash tags #tooprettymovement #nevertoopretty #thebeautyinstrength •••••••••••• If you see something you like on our instagram or website you can grab whatever you want for 50% Off! Use code: TPCLOSEOUT Close out on all designs!! Preparing for new stuff!

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