Cierra Ramirez shows off legs in shorts and perfect autumn outfit

Cierra Ramirez smiles for the camera
Cierra Ramirez looks gorgeous in long fake lashes and big diamond earrings. Pic credit: ©

The Fosters and Good Trouble star Cierra Ramirez is ready for fall. But honestly, who isn’t?

As always, Ramirez likes to show off her incredible fashion style on her social media.

But this time it looks like the actress cracked the code for the perfect autumn outfit and she made sure to share it with her 2.9 million followers.

Ramirez can be seen in recently shared pictures wearing a flannel plaid jacket.

Besides the fact that it looks super cozy and stylish, this shirt has an incredible scheme of colors.

She paired this jacket with some light blue shorts which allowed her to show off her toned legs.

Cierra Ramirez shares the secret to a perfect autumn outfit

To add a bright pop of color she opted to wear some cool yellow knee-high boots.

Her long dark hair was straight and styled in a half up half down manner with the top being in a small bun.

She didn’t accessorize much, only some gold hoop earrings. Her makeup also remained super simple.

Just one look at her and people can tell that she has perfect skin. So, she only applied a generous amount of blush on her cheeks.

Cierra Ramirez talks about her background and career

The 27-year-old actress comes from a Latin background. Mexican and Colombian to be exact.

When she spoke to Euphoria magazine not long ago she mentioned how this part of her is something she considers when it comes to choosing roles and auditioning for new projects. She stated that she hoped she could “continue that legacy to open doors for others.”

She later spoke about one time during filming The Fosters when there was an episode that required a same-sex marriage, which back then was not legal in the United States. Ramirez told the story of how the writers had to write different endings to her two moms’ wedding on the show. However, the team decided to continue with the original wedding and that day was coincidentally the day that same-sex marriage became a law in the country.

The actress told the magazine how she felt that day, “I’ll never forget the energy on set. Everyone was just so happy to be a part of something that was, really, a part of history.”

After The Fosters ended, Ramirez continued her character’s story alongside Maia Micthell and her character on the show’s spin-off, Good Trouble.

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