Ciara shows off stunning figure in all-denim outfit

Ciara at the 2019 BET Awards. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Earlier this week, singer-dancer Ciara showed off her all-denim outfit to fans, complete with thigh-high denim boots, shorts, and a matching turtleneck top.

Highlighting her legs, arms, and trim waist, the Body Party singer showed off some of her best dance moves in the small video clip, with her new song Better Thangs playing in the background.

Wearing her long dark hair in her traditional middle-part style, Ciara paired the bold outfit choice with a gold bracelet and black sunglasses.

Her top, which featured gold accents on the side, also showed off the Goodies singer’s waistline and toned figure. 

Celebrating her song’s success, which features fellow artist Summer Walker, Ciara penned on her Instagram Thursday, “I don’t pay the hate no mind….Better Thangs most added at R&B radio! Aye.”

The post, which was shared with Ciara’s 33 million followers on the social media platform, currently boasts close to half a million likes.

The singer’s outspoken faith journey

It’s no secret that Ciara honors her faith in Christianity. In fact, she famously refrained from premarital sex with her now-husband Russell Wilson before they tied the knot in 2016.

Wilson has also been vocal about his Christian beliefs, often thanking God after his professional football games and wearing cross necklaces.

Speaking with Billboard about the importance that forgiveness and religion have played in her everyday life, the 36-year-old revealed earlier this year, “Being in tune spiritually has been important for me. I feel like the closer I get to God, the more blessings continue to pour into my life and the more peace I have.”

“Having love for my enemies is better things, you know? I think sometimes it takes a second to get to that place,” she continued. “But the more you lead with love, the lighter life is, the less weight you carry. Forgiveness is so important. Forgiveness is better things to me, ’cause sometimes it’s not easy.”

Ciara on moving to Denver

Earlier this year, Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos after playing for the Seattle Seahawks for around a decade.

Though Ciara recently shared that she enjoys living in the Colorado city with her family, she also admitted that the high altitude has been an adjustment for her.

“Denver’s amazing,” she told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. “The altitude is a beast. Walking up three — just like one flight of stairs — I’m like, ‘Okay, I need some water. I need to take a deep breath’… I mean, it’s really something and you feel it, but it’s been incredible.”

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