Ciara dances in her crop top and miniskirt

Ciara featured image
Ciara creates her own outfit from a pair of cargos. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Ciara displayed her fashion designing skills while modeling a stylish outfit she made from cargo pants. 

The 37-year-old wears many hats as a singer, dancer, actress, model, and businesswoman.

The Level Up singer stunned in a new video wearing a beige bandeau crop top and matching skirt. 

She completed the look with a bucket hat, gold chain, and thigh-high boots.

Ciara showed her dance moves in the clip while listening to Gina Thompson’s song, The Things That You Do (Bad Boy Remix). She also shared a few photos as she struck poses in the stunning outfit.

In the caption of the Instagram post, she explained how the outfit came about.

“Y’all I made this outfit from a pair of cargos! Literally cut them up. Made the top and pants. I’m feelin it 🤣,” she wrote, continuing, “This the stuff I would do as a little kid, but I can’t show the back 🤣.”

Her followers were feeling the stylish ensemble also, and the post garnered over 200,000 likes as of this writing.

How Ciara sweats out stress with her exercise routine

In a cover story with Woman’s Health, Ciara opened up about how she uses exercise to manage her stress levels.

“I like boxing when I’m trying to figure things out,” Ciara said to the outlet, continuing, “That’s a part of [my] ‘therapy’—exercise.” 

She also revealed that she has abdominal separation, a condition in which abdominal muscles separate during childbirth. Ciara said she had to educate herself on how to train her abs carefully due to her condition. 

She works with a trainer five days a week and uses plyometric workouts mixed with weight training and cardio. 

She also chooses to focus on cardio, which is essential for keeping endurance up while dancing. The stunning songstress also uses the Pelaton to work up a sweat. 

Rather than choosing to focus on her appearance, she told the outlet that she prioritizes how her body feels instead. When it comes to her diet, she opts for balanced eating. 

A day of eating like Ciara may consist of eggs with fruit along with a decaf coffee, almonds, or cashews to snack on. For lunch, she opts for a meal that includes ingredients such as grilled chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli.

She enjoys seafood and more vegetables with her dinner and also drinks a gallon of water per day to stay hydrated. 

Ciara showcases her pre-glam skin preparation routine

Ciara went makeup free to model OAM skin products from her brand in an Instagram video. 

Ciara founded OAM, the clinically-formulated Vitamin C skincare line, with a team of skincare professionals to allow customers to have a simple, yet effective routine.

In the video, celebrity makeup artist Yolonda Frederick walks the audience through Ciara’s pre-glam routine, starting with the brightening pads to tighten her pores. 

She then uses the Vitamin C Brightening Serum and the Eye Revitalizer, which also contains Vitamin C, and finishes off with the Vitamin C Moisturizer.

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