Christine Quinn channels Sharon Stone for epic Paper cover

Christine quinn in a magazine
Christine Quinn is seen in a gorgeous Sharon Stone-inspired look. Pic credit: © Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

Christine Quinn knows how to bring in the spooky season.

With Halloween less than a week away, fans were stunned as she debuted her Catherine Tramell costume on a magazine cover. 

The Selling Sunset star was on the cover of Paper magazine, sitting in front of a brick wall mimicking the classic scene in the movie, Basic Instinct.  

The reality star wore a white vinyl mini-dress that showed off her long legs. The outfit hugged every curve and included a turtleneck neckline. 

Over her arms, she wore a long white fur jacket. The jacket was slightly oversized and draped to the floor. She matched it with white stiletto heels that featured gold lining along the base.  

She put her long blonde hair in a teased low bun, and her gorgeous makeup sold the Catherine Tramell ensemble. She had blue smokey eyeshadow with dark blush and pink lip gloss.  

Christine Quinn gives fans more Basic Instinct looks  

Christine’s Paper magazine photoshoot is iconic. She was seen on a desk giving boss vibes in the released photos.  

She was in a black button-down blouse left open along the bust line. She paired it with black relaxed-fit trousers; over her shoulders, she wore an oversized white peacoat that showed the blouse peeking through the sleeves. Christine added white strappy shoes to really complete the look.   

Unlike the cover photoshoot, Christine used quite a few accessories. She had on purple earrings, a bronze anklet, and a black choker with a matching belt. 

Christine Quinn was rejected from a Fashion Week show 

While fans seem to love Christine’s style, especially on Selling Sunset and social media, she admitted that it wasn’t enough for a particular fashion brand. While talking to Paper magazine, she spoke about one specific brand that she supported organically for a few years.

When she saw they were having a New York Fashion Week show, she decided to reach out to see if she could attend. To her surprise, she was rejected because she was a reality star.  

“It just seemed so antiquated, especially in the world we live in today where people become famous from Instagram or from reality shows or from TikTok. You look at Emma Chamberlain and now she’s Vogue’s darling. I feel like because I was a reality star, I had to work so much harder to set myself apart and have people take me seriously.” 

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