Christina Aguilera unfollowed Britney Spears after rude body-shaming post

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera unfollows Britney Spears after fat-shaming post. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia and © Sadou/AdMedia

Is Britney Spears living up to her Toxic song title? It seems as if fellow pop star Christina Aguilera thinks so.

Amidst a controversial post recently made by Britney on Instagram, Christina has decided to officially unfollow her on the platform.

Britney, 40, was under fire as she shared a quote on her page that read, “I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.”

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However, the outrage among Britney’s followers started when they noticed she specifically spotlighted Christina in her caption.

“I wish I could have chosen the nannies for my children … my dancers … I mean if I had Christina Aguilera’s dancers I would have looked extremely small,” Britney wrote.

Although Christina and Britney may have been pegged as rivals during the height of their singing careers, Christina has openly supported Britney in recent years — especially as the Circus star opened up about her 13-year conservatorship.

However, it seems that Christina no longer has any interest in keeping up with Britney’s social media posts.

Christina Aguilera unfollows Britney Spears after fat-shaming post

As previously reported, Britney’s recent fat-shaming post specifically targeted Christina by saying the size of her backup dancers made her appear thinner while performing beside them.

Britney Spears' fat-shaming post
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Britney’s fans quickly disapproved of the post and loaded her comments section with replies such as, “Body shaming others is not the move” and “Oof. Love Britt- but this was in bad taste. Body shaming to make yourself feel better is not where it’s at.”

Many loyal fans also advised Britney to delete the post by saying, “Please delete this” and “This one is a no.”

Comments on Britney's post
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

As of this writing, Christina herself has yet to publicly respond to Britney’s post.

Christina Aguilera supported Britney Spears amid conservatorship

Earlier this year, Christina opened up about her support for the fellow star, who she has known since the two appeared in The Mickey Mouse Club at a young age.

In an interview with Enrique Santos, Christina was asked to comment on Britney’s recent freedom from her controlling conservatorship and whether or not she would reach out. Christina said she “would love to” reconnect and “will always be open” to communicating with Britney.

Exclusive interview with Christina Aguilera who returns to Spanish music after 22 years

Christina stated, “It’s a subject that I definitely want to be careful of because I never want to speak out of [turn] about somebody that I have so much respect and admiration for.”

“I will just say what I do feel comfortable saying, as I’ve said before actually and stated: that I couldn’t be happier for her, and every woman deserves to feel empowered and to own that for themselves; however they see fit,” she continued.

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