Christina Aguilera stuns in Dirrty 20 years after Stripped

christina aguilera beautiful 2022
Christina Aguilera recreated her Stripped looks, including her iconic beauty outfit on social media for the 20th anniversary of the album. Pic credit: © Van Tine/

Christina Aguilera celebrated the 20th anniversary of her iconic album Stripped as she dusted off her skimpy attire from the Beautiful video and showed that she’s still got it.

Although so much has changed in 20 years, neither Christina’s unique looks nor her vocal prowess were among the list of differences.

In fact, one could argue that the Dirrty hitmaker‘s looks and voice appeared better than ever.

To commemorate Stripped, Christina’s fourth studio album, she recreated a look that has become synonymous with her song and video, Beautiful.

Christina also released a new video for Beautiful, although the original video has remained relevant to this day.

Christina has bombarded her Instagram feed and 8.5 million followers with recreations from Stripped, and her Beautiful photoshoot was undoubtedly noteworthy.

Christina Aguilera recreates Stripped and Beautiful

Christina dropped the new carousel of photos with Spotify to commemorate her praiseworthy music.

She let her curves take center stage in a spaghetti strap shirt with a black miniskirt and fishnet stockings.

Christina rocked false lashes, bronzed cheeks, and glossy lips as she struck poses in polaroid shots.

The singer wore layered necklaces and sported bronzed skin in the intimate photos.

The former The Voice judge even rocked the two-toned blonde and black hair, featuring braids, that fans grew to love in 2002.

Her caption read, “We celebrate #20YearsOfStripped today. Listen to the new deluxe edition on Spotify, including a new remix of “Beautiful” to celebrate the anniversary.”

Christina Aguilera original Beautiful and the 2022 version

Christina released Beautiful 2022, a new video with technological updates, including social media.

It is essential to provide some background information for those unaware of the origins of Stripped and the song Beautiful. Christina’s original track and video for Beautiful were dropped on October 28, 2002.

Beautiful was the most successful song from Stripped, and it has been lauded years after the fact for being progressive and cutting-edge. While neither is too controversial in 2022, it’s fair to say that both were unusual for mainstream audiences in 2002.

And although Christina received praise for Beautiful years later, she also received critical acclaim in 2004, when the song won the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Grammy Award.

However, it must not be forgotten that popular media outlets insulted Christina’s album and called it raunchy.

In a haunting scene, a group of young dancers abruptly stop their performance to pull out cameras in unison for a selfie moment. The shot was a nod to social media and selfie culture, where every move is documented.

Beautiful 2022 is a must-see video, as Christina continues to break the mold.

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