Christina Aguilera shows off vocal warmups for MasterClass

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Christina Aguilera shows fans how she warms up her voice wearing a skintight ensemble that highlights her curves. Pic credit: ©

Not many people do it better than Christina Aguilera when it comes to singing.

Therefore, the choice of Christina as the instructor for a MasterClass in singing was a natural fit. Christina led a MasterClass on vocal warm-ups in a share posted today.

Like warming up the body before a workout, Christina highlighted the importance of warming the voice before belting out a song.

Christina’s MasterClass on warming up the voice was also timely, as the holiday season may encourage people to Christmas carol or sing along to their favorite tunes in the car.

Christina shouted out her MasterClass appearance on her Instagram Story and linked the MasterClass IG page.

On the MasterClass IG page, Christina appeared with her words of wisdom and a little demonstration, all while looking fabulous.

Christina Aguilera teams up with MasterClass for vocal warm-up demonstration

The clip began with the gorgeous Mulan singer rocking a high updo with a braid, a nude-colored skintight bodysuit, and green jeans.

Christina began, “I always begin my vocal warm-ups with falsettos.”

Then the clip showed Christina in action as she demonstrated her falsettos.

Christina then revealed that she was more “open,” which meant her vocal cords were ready to make more complex sounds.

Christina demonstrated a new scale with a series of runs and falsettos that built upon the first set.

Afterward, Christina shared that she would go to the E vowel sound, and she demonstrated what that looked like and how it sounded.

As Christina wisely advised, everyone has different ranges and comfort levels, so each person’s warm-up will look and sound different.

The clip was certainly informative to the vocally talented and novices alike. The post also shared what fans could expect from Christina’s MasterClass.

Christina Aguilera talks beauty rituals

One of Christina’s most simple yet satisfying beauty rituals involves removing her makeup and moisturizing her skin.

Christina told Health, “I find so much joy in the cleansing process—stripping away all the makeup so it’s just clean skin with some moisturizer and putting a little feel-good spritzer on my face.”

Another one of Christina’s favorite beauty rituals involves a simple bath with essential oils to promote relaxation.

She continued, “And I love a beautiful hot bubble bath with all of my ingredients and oils! I really make it like a nourishing soup in there.”

Christina’s beauty rituals are refreshingly simple and something that anyone could do.

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