Christina Aguilera shares exciting new promotion with Xeomin Aesthetics

Christina Aguilera looks stunning in her black dress.
Christina Aguilera promotes her new favorite product while styling in a gorgeous black gown. Pic credit: ©

Christina Aguilera is back again and more beautiful than ever.

The 42-year-old pop sensation recently teamed up with Xeomin Aesthetics and before long, the singer wanted to share her incredible results with the world.

Xeomin Aesthetics is FDA approved and clinically proven prescription medication that helps with reducing frown lines and other unnecessary wrinkles.

Christina has happily teamed up with Xeomin and has helped further promote the product given their high-quality ingredients and outstanding results.

The blonde beauty was kind enough to share her experience with the prescription as she took to her Instagram feed with the ad.

Per usual, Christina looked phenomenal while she got to help promote one of her favorite products.

Christina Aguilera looks beautiful in her black velvety dress as she promotes her new favorite product

In the video she provided, Christina was first spotted out on her balcony while she looked out into the glowing sun.

A few seconds later, the Genie in a Bottle singer went on to talk in-depth about her experiences with the incredible product.

As she was spotted showing off her flawless skin, Christina decided to style in a gorgeous black, velvety gown.

The long-sleeved dress featured a low-cut neckline along with pointy, padded shoulders. The masterfully crafted piece hugged her body perfectly while accentuating her beautiful curves.

For accessories, the blonde bombshell wore a couple of silver necklaces, a pair of dangly diamond earrings, and an array of chunky, diamond rings.

Christina also decided to have her nails match the fit as they were painted in black and white marble swirls.

The singer’s hair was dyed beach blonde as it was perfectly parted down the middle and styled in luscious, long waves.

To complete this elegant look, Christina sported a full face of makeup. She add a pair of black wispy lashes, and some light touches of blush and finalized it with a glossy nude lip.

Fans certainly came out to show their support as the post received 33,200 likes and over 700 expressive fans in the comment section.

She captioned the post, “Traveling long hours can be brutal, but maintaining a healthy skin regimen makes my life a little easier. You have to find things that work for you. And with #smartoxin Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA) @xeominaesthetic for my frown lines I can show up looking my best. #ad.”

Christina Aguilera teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar

When Christina isn’t busy serenading her fans from her throne on stage, the pop icon is instead dabbling in other endeavors.

In another Instagram post, Christina treated her fans with an array of shots from her exclusive Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot.

The Dirrty singer decided to team up with Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, as she would be featured on the cover of their latest issue.

For the cover shot, Christina looked like an absolute queen as she was captured from the chest up.

Christina sported a shiny, low-cut top as her blonde locks blew in the wind behind her.

However, the most captivating part about the cover shot was her makeup. The singer’s makeup looked incredible as she wore a thick line of black eyeliner and paired it with a shimmery, gold eyeshadow.

She went on to add a bright red hue across her lips while she accessorized with a pair of extravagant, gold earrings.

In some of the other slides, the 42-year-old legend was spotted wearing a black vinyl dress, along with a beautiful red, leather dress.

However, in the last two slides, Christina changed up her her hairstyle as she went from blonde to black.

She sported a multi-textured dress that featured some ruffled shoulders, a black lace bustier top, and a leather bottom.

Regardless of the shot, Christina looked phenomenal while she executed every look with absolute ease and elegance.

Translated into English, her caption included, “Although you are still the king, you are nothing without the queen 👑.”

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