Christina Aguilera in white bikini shares 2022 highlights

christina aguilera bikini
Christina Aguilera looked back on her 2022 with excitement, sharing a bikini clip and various other moments from her wonderful year. Pic credit: ©

Christina Aguilera’s 2022 was full of excitement, memories, and achievements, and she shared some of the highlights over the weekend.

The Grammy-winning singer used her social media to reveal a montage dedicated to the past year.

Christina posted the video on her Instagram for the enjoyment of her 8.6 million fans and followers. The video was beautifully produced, with colorful text highlighting some of Christina’s best 2022 memories.

In addition, Christina spoke in the background to provide narration for the recap post. Christina explained some of her 2022 themes, such as freedom, self-expression, and living her best life. The Dirrty singer said those themes were essential to her music and vital to her as an artist.

A few special moments from 2022 included Christina’s Latin Grammy award win and the 20th anniversary of her album, Stripped. Christina also toured the world, boarding a private jet with her daughter, Summer Rain Rutler, who appeared in the montage.

One of Christina’s notable 2022 appearances was at the Cannes Film Festival, and her performance in the South of France was also featured in the clip.

Christina Aguilera remembers her top 2022 moments

For one part of the video, Christina rocked a Holy Trinity bikini in the South of France. As fans may recall, Addison Rae wore a similar bikini but got backlash and faced blasphemy accusations. 

Christina posed in a white string bikini top that read “Father” and “Son” on both sides of the top and “Holy Spirit” on the bottom. She stood in a pool area with her blonde tresses blowing in the wind while striking a pose in the white two-piece.

Christina tagged Hayden Noelle Coens, the cinematographer who created the visually pleasing video of the singer’s best moments last year.

The end of the clip maintained the exciting energy seen at the beginning of the clip, with a message about 2023. The text reads, “See you in 2023,” suggesting more content from the singer in the upcoming year.

Christina’s caption also read, “wishing everyone a happy & healthy new year ??.”

The video showed Christina’s killer figure and versatile style. As the singer explained, the secret to her mental and physical health is about taking time for herself and enjoying nature.

Christina Aguilera’s workout includes yoga

Christina told Health about how she has maintained her physique while promoting mental health.

When it comes to Christina’s mental health and workout essentials, both are surprisingly simple.

Christina explained, “Getting outside helps, even if it’s just my backyard. Feeling grass under my feet and looking at trees and clouds helps.”

She added, “Yoga has also been instrumental in helping me.”

Christina’s self-care and mental health rituals have served the singer well, even 20 years into her successful career.

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