Christina Aguilera gets dirty in Stripped lingerie throwback

christina aguilera pictured close up
Christina Aguilera celebrated the 20th anniversary of her legendary album, Stripped. Pic credit: ©

Christina Aguilera showed just how much of a trailblazer she was with a recent share on social media from her Stripped days.

The post, shared on social media, featured the singer in a bodysuit with a plunging neckline as she strutted her stuff on stage.

The clip displayed a montage of Christina on stage in different lingerie outfits as she performed songs like Fighter and Dirrty. She spoke over the montage and reflected on the experience nearly 20 years later.

Christina sported dark hair from back during her Dirrty days, and experimented with scantily-clad ensembles.

For fans that don’t remember, Stripped was Christina’s fourth album, which was a far departure from her debut self-titled album. Many parents were outraged by the Genie in a Bottle singer’s 180-degree turn because they thought she was sending a bad message as she danced suggestively in a thong and sang about adult subject matter.

By comparison, Christina’s attire wasn’t much different from what has appeared on social media in the past years. But at that moment, Stripped was very controversial when released on October 22, 2002.

The singer’s unapologetic attitude, combined with her vocal prowess, created a truly iconic album.

Christina’s caption read, “Stripped gave me the strength and freedom as an artist to tell my story the way I wanted, for the first time. Thank you to all of my fighters around the world for amplifying that strength and giving me the space to continue to share myself in my truest forms. Today marks the kick off of the #20YearsOfStripped celebration, more to come ūüĖ§.”

Christina also wanted the album to serve as a theme song for female empowerment, and she did just that with her music.

Christina Aguilera’s legendary Beautiful video

Christina served as a pioneer, particularly with her song, Beautiful, penned by the legendary Linda Perry.

The song was about self-acceptance, regardless of a person’s sexual identity, gender, or personal preferences.

She showed a cross-dresser in the Beautiful music video and two men kissing.

Although that may not seem like a big deal, it was scandalous at the time.

Now, nearly two decades after she released Stripped, Christina has decided to revisit her legendary music.

Christina Aguilera drops 2022 Beautiful

Christina dropped 2022 Beautiful, which referenced the perils of today’s culture, including social media and unattainable beauty standards.

The theme in the new creation remained the same, but with the technology of 2022, adding to the more current music video.

The video featured young dancers who were heavily made up as they took photos to share on social media. There was also a slender man who emulated a bodybuilder, seemingly aligned with toxic fitness culture.

The positive overarching message remained the same, however: You are beautiful.

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