Christie Brinkley reminds us she was The Girl in the Ferrari in National Lampoon’s Vacation

Christie Brinkley attends the Daytime Beauty Awards.
Christie Brinkley threw it way back as she sizzled in a white bikini for the anniversary of National Lampoon’s Vacation. Pic credit: ©

Christie Brinkley brought the sizzle to the web today as she gave fans some excitement to jazz up their Mondays.

Sending followers into a tizzy first by sharing an epic snap of herself reuniting with her National Lampoon’s Vacation costars Beverly D’Angelo and Chevy Chase, Christie saved the best for the start of the workweek as she threw it way back.

Showing an iconic still of herself clad in a cheeky bikini, Christie could be seen on the set of the infamous Chevy Chase hit movie, which preceded the holiday flick National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation by a few years.

Showing off her amazing modeling curves, a then-20-something-Christie had her signature blonde locks down with a side sweep of blonde bangs just visible going across her forehead.

Wearing a fun, skimpy two-piece for her on-screen moment, Christie gripped the arm of an awe-struck Chevy, who played Clark Griswold in the franchise, as she tilted one lean leg up to reach back and remove her heel.

“They say this movies got legs,” she captioned the snapshot, adding tags for the film’s title along with hashtagging that it was forty years ago the movie was made.

Christie portrayed a bombshell in the flick, given no name except to be called The Girl in the Ferrari.

Christie Brinkley sizzles in a white bikini for an epic
Pic credit: @christiebrinkley/Instagram

Christie Brinkley prepares for Steel City Comic Con 2023

The incredible post and Instagram Story shared by Christie are all in preparation for the model to appear at the 2023 Steel City Comic Con.

Following her reunion shot with Chevy and Beverly, which was captioned, “These Three Amigos are going to need a Christmas Vacation after [Steel City Comiccon],” Christie also shared a snap of her and Beverly posing next to Paula Abdul.

Captioning the pic, “Girl Group! And wait till you see our choreography‼️” Christie certainly left enough breadcrumbs for fans to get wound up and jazzed for what looks to be an amazing event.

As laid out on the website for the occasion, a host of famous faces will be appearing for Q&A sessions, including Mara Wilson, Thora Birch, Bonnie Wright, and many others.

Christie and Beverly are slated to have their own Q&A segment on Saturday, April 1, as shared by the website for Steel City events.

When the model isn’t sharing throwbacks or spending time at her Turks and Caicos and the Hamptons homesteads, she focuses on her health and fitness.

Christie Brinkley discusses being vegetarian and her exercise routine

Sitting down with The Cut a couple of years ago, Christie shared some insight into just how she stays looking so youthful even as she approaches age 70.

“I leap out of bed, go downstairs, and make myself a big cup of coffee,” the star said about her morning ritual, adding that she also guzzles a large cup of hot lemon water.

After her beverages are consumed, Christie said she likes to work up a sweat, saying that she uses the Total Gym system while also attending spin classes and doing weight training.

Having become a vegetarian at the age of 13, Christie said she often starts her days with dinner leftovers, adding in some Bio-K for a probiotic boost.

Lunches are largely veggie-laden, with the star going for a “rainbow” with her food choices.

“For lunch, I go into greens and do a salad, then add a protein like a bean or nuts. Dinner is more of the same except maybe I’ll put my vegetables on a bean pasta, rice, grain, or quinoa,” she said.

“I’ve always fed my children, my family, and myself a rainbow of color a day,” Christie added, detailing that she has dabbled in all sorts of diets over the years, including going vegan before settling mostly on vegetarianism.

As for her aging, Christie said she prefers to keep things on the more low-key side, using XEOMIN, a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles, to relax her brow furrow lines and employing the use of ultrasound therapy to boost her collagen production.

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