Christie Brinkley is feeling the love for gorgeous beach trip

Christie Brinkley close up
Christie Brinkley is gorgeous in a red bikini. Pic credit: ©

Christie Brinkley felt the love — namely for the beach — and made sure to send love to her fans as well.

The model posed on the beach with her hands shaped like a heart in front of her and captioned her post, “Hope everyone is feeling the LOVE‼️”She also included a video in her post that showed the words “Happy Valentine’s” written out in the sand.

Christie sported a sizzling red swimsuit that was perfect for the occasion. The red color brought out her glowing skin and radiant complexion.

The age-defying 69-year-old paired her bikini with a matching red coverup embellished with white and blue designs. It enhanced the overall style of the look with its extra flair.

Christie elevated her ensemble with a straw cowgirl hat perched over her flowing gold locks. She also tucked a pair of sunglasses into the straps of her bikini bottoms so that she could use them when needed.

It’s clear why the blonde beauty was basking in so much love, as there was a magnificent ocean behind her. The blue sky was freckled with white clouds, the turquoise water was calm, and the sand was soft and fluffy.

Christie Brinkley has a youthful glow in a Ralph Lauren swimsuit

Christie just celebrated her 69th birthday, and it seems that age has little impact on the beach-loving goddess. She recently modeled in a Ralph Lauren swimsuit that had her glowing inside and out.

The cover girl flashed a genuine smile as she posed with her bike in front of another gorgeous beach landscape. She included in her caption, “My bathing suit is from the 80’s and in the blink of an eye, a decade can pass and I’ll be pushing 80 …because time flies when you’re having fun and I am ‘WHEELY’ having a great time!”

She went on to tag the Ralph Lauren brand so that fans could check out the fashion-forward pieces.

Ralph Lauren sells designer pieces that are classic and filled to the brim with impeccable fashion. The brand’s Instagram bio reads, “Defining timeless style since 1967.”

Christie was the perfect model, as she is the picture of timelessness wrapped up in a person.

Christie Brinkley walks on clouds

Christie will escape to the beach any chance she gets, and she enjoys every moment of it.

The star was stunning on the beach once again, and the pictures captured of her showed her having an absolute blast. She appeared to prance on the sand and her caption read, “I’m walking on clouds!”

She sported a sea-green swimsuit with a loose green and white striped button-up over it. Her sunglasses protected her eyes from the sun, and her blonde hair whisked in the wind behind her.

The beach may have had a shining sun above it, but Christie’s smile certainly did wonders to warm the image up even more.

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