Christie Brinkley is breathtaking in throwback with Bob Hope

Christie Brinkley smiling on the red carpet.
Christie Brinkley at the Daytime Beauty Awards in 2019. Pic credit: ©

Christie Brinkley shared a stunning throwback photo wearing an alluring getup from the eighties in honor of Veterans Day.

The model embraced her inner cheerleader in a blue one-piece swimsuit, donning what appears to be the University of Notre Dame logo.

She paired the ensemble with a short white tennis skirt and blue and yellow pom poms, one of which was raised over her head in a celebratory pose.

Her long blonde locks were parted down the middle and feathered outwards in true eighties fashion.

Christie was surrounded by men in white navy dress uniforms, who seemed thrilled to meet the gorgeous model.

Her huge grin was captivating, even with her looking at another camera in the crowd.

She shared the throwback photo with the caption, “Entertaining the troops with @bobhopeuso Being able to meet with the troops from Kosovo to #annapolis to say thank you has been a great honor, and a lot of fun like this day sometime in the early 80’s. “Non sibi sed patriae” – “Not self, but country,” Thank you‼️🌟💙⚓️❤️🌟”

Christie Brinkley’s father was a veteran

Veterans Day seems to hold a special place in Christie’s heart, as her father was an army veteran.

Don Brinkley, who adopted Christie and her brother Greg at a young age, served as a medic for the U.S. army during World War II.

After the war, he worked as a writer for radio in Chicago before ultimately moving to Southern California to write for television.

According to Christie, his experience in the army proved useful when writing for medical shows, and it quickly became his specialty.

The stunning model honored her father on Veteran’s Day by posting a vintage photo of Don in uniform and a beautiful caption.

Christie wrote, “My Dad was a medic in the army and later went on to become a writer for radio and then once they invented it, TV! It ends up his speciality was Doctor’s Shows! Trapper John MD, and Medical Center were two of his shows that he also produced. They say the Army prepares one for life, but I bet that’s one plot twist no one expected!”

Christie Brinkley partnered up with SBLA

After using their products while in quarantine, Christie fell in love with the SBLA brand.

Their Sculpting Wands are designed to target fine lines and wrinkles and boost collagen production.

After seeing the results firsthand, Christie contacted the company and is now a Brand Ambassador and spokesperson.

It looks like the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in something positive for the model!

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