Christie Brinkley is all smiles while encouraging fans to stay active

Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley shared some motivational words with her followers. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Christie Brinkley started her weekend with a splash, rocking a white bikini and showing a smile.

She took to her Instagram Stories to share a life hack with her 821k followers on the platform.

The ex-wife of Billy Joel invited her fans and followers to get moving only after eating a healthy breakfast, of course.

The supermodel has used her social media platform as a source of encouragement for fans and followers.

A quick scroll through Christie’s IG features smiles and positivity from the blonde beauty, therefore, her recent share probably wasn’t much of a surprise to longtime fans.

However, even though the picture wasn’t abnormal, it definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

Christie Brinkley stuns in a white bikini with a positive message

The celebrity rocked a white string bikini that contrasted beautifully against her tanned skin.

The picture was action-filled, with ocean water splashing and Christie’s blonde tresses blowing in the wind.

Christie frolicked in ankle-deep water that was crystal clear, folding one leg behind her. She held her flip-flops in one hand with a white sarong wrapped around her hips.

Behind the model, white fluffy clouds decorated the blue sky as she posed in paradise.

However, it was the white text added to the photo that featured an important message.

Christie Brinkley bikini
Pic credit: @christiebrinkley/Instagram

Above Christie’s head, white font read, “You ate your healthy breakfast,” perhaps a reminder to viewers.

Below Christie’s feet, she wrote, “Now get out and move!” A few ideas Christie then provided included running, biking, dancing, and yoga.

Christie’s 69th birthday arrives next month, but the model has been looking more youthful than ever.

Christie Brinkley discusses her rainbow diet

Christie Brinkley has revealed that her dietary choices have played a role in her youthful appearance.

The supermodel explained the importance of eating food of every color to provide nutrients and fuel the body.

She told The Cut about her morning routine and metabolism booster, which includes the popular hot lemon water.

Christie explained, “I also make myself a big cup of hot water and squeeze some lemons into it. Sometimes I’ll put in a little cayenne just to rev up the engine.”

As for Christie’s other meals, she told Shape via Women’s Health that she loves to taste the rainbow.

She explained, “For many, many, many years, I’ve always said go for as many colors as possible in a day. That’s my main concept for making sure my kids get all the nutrients—making sure the deep greens, yellows and reds and purples, all of that.”

Christie looks better than ever, and her positive attitude certainly hasn’t hurt her appearance.

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