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Christie Brinkley in bikini shows off rainbow diet

Christie Brinkley smiling close up
Christie Brinkley smiling close up. Pic credit: ©

Christie Brinkley is peeping her bikini while affording an insight into how she looks so good. The supermodel, 68, continues to drop jaws for looking closer to 50 as she approaches her seventies, and a new batch of photos are showing what she eats.

The blonde updated her Instagram ahead of the weekend, showing off her big smile and her big appetite – for healthy food.

Christie Brinkley all smiles with healthy salad

Posting for her 700,000+ followers, Christie opened, soaking up the sun and flashing her pearly whites as she showed off a sunkissed complexion. The Sports Illustrated bombshell was outdoors, shot close up, and showing hints of a red bathing suit as she also wore a big straw hat plus shades.

A swipe right showed a bicycle on a gorgeous beach overlooking turquoise ocean waters – here, Brinkley had settled with her multicolor beach bag, plus sandals and clothes. The model also included a shot of lapping waves, then sharing what everyone wants to know: what lands on her plate.

Fans saw a healthy-looking and vitamin-packed dish packed with exotic fruits, grapefruit, melon, plus mint leaves, and blueberries. The alfresco meal also confirmed Christie was dining overlooking the beach.

“Keep looking up! Specifically at my 🌈Diet Highlights‼️Up there👆🏼for healthy tips on nutrition, exercise that will keep you feeling great! More in my book #timelessbeauty now available in paperback ✌🏼#rainbowdiet #betterforyou #betterforourplanet 💚💙♻️,” a caption read.

The post came promoting the star’s book Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great. Fans don’t need to buy it to get a few of Christie’s secrets, though. Her golden tip is to always keep active.

Christie Brinkley reveals her health secrets

“Don’t stop moving because you’ll rust. You have to grease the joints and keep moving,” she told The Cut. “As long as I do that I feel great. If you start to hold still, they’ll start acting up. While I’m brushing my teeth, I’m doing leg lifts. When I’m drying my hair, I do all kinds of squats.”

Brinkley does also seem to be one of those people who bounces out of bed already full of energy. The mom of three continued: “I leap out of bed, go downstairs, and make myself a big cup of coffee. I also make myself a big cup of hot water and squeeze some lemons into it. Sometimes I’ll put in a little cayenne just to rev up the engine.”

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