Christie Brinkley defies age in a black bikini at 67

Christie Brinkley today
Model Christie Brinkley is best known as the face of CoverGirl. Pic credit: ©

Christie Brinkley couldn’t help but flaunt her slim and fit body in a bikini photo.

The 67-year-old posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues in the 1970s but has managed to maintain her toned physique decades later.

Brinkley has three children, including Alexa Ray Joel, who she shares with singer Billy Joel.

In January last year, the supermodel revealed that she underwent a hip replacement to fix an injury 26 years earlier when she was in a helicopter crash.

Christie Brinkley shows off fit physique in flirty black bikini

In a new Instagram post, Brinkley shared a jaw-dropping selfie as she donned a string black bikini along with a stylish hat as she got ready to get some sun.

In the caption of the post to her almost 750,000 followers, the former model CoverGirl model wrote: Hat✔️Sunblock✔️ SBLA Lip Plump and Sculpt✔️Gratitude ✔️ @sblabeauty ??????.”

Brinkley is plugging the SBLA BEAUTY lipgloss in the photo as she is an ambassador and partner for the cosmetic brand.

The stunning model got a lot of reactions to the bikini selfie, many praising her youthful appearance and fitness discipline.

“I’m with @lisaschiftgreen and am appreciating the commitment to a healthy body, mind and spirit. You look ahhhhhh-mazing [email protected]!!,” a person wrote.

“Dam girl do you ever age ?,” another commenter said in reaction to the photo.

Christie Brinkley also inspired many supporters with one highlight of how at almost 70, she’s body goals.

“When I grow up I want to look and be just like Christie Brinkley !!! Oh, by the way, I’m almost 50 …. She is the epitome of true natural beauty ❤️”

Pic credit:@christiebrinkley/Instagram

Christie Brinkley revealed her weight gain after breaking her arm

Leading up to her 67th birthday, Brinkley got candid about weight gain due to injuries.

In August 2019, Brinkley was set to feature in the 28th season of Dancing with the Stars but broke her arm before the premiere.

In an Instagram post last year, she spoke about how the injury prevented her from working out.

“After my very nasty break of my right arm and the frozen shoulder it gave me I couldn’t do downward dogs, planks, push ups, and at the other end my hip was getting worse with each passing year and long bike rides left me limping…I started to feel limited! Restricted! Dare I say… old!”

She went on to reveal how she felt strong after having a hip replacement surgery in the caption and gave some insight into her workout routine.

“I just couldn’t get enough vigorous exercise, and with quarantine came banana breads and the inevitable extra pounds. I must add I felt overwhelmed by the number of injuries I was dealing with ( I’ve been very adventurous! Ouch!) but I realized I just needed to start with one thing and keep moving forward…” she wrote. “So I took action , fixed my hip, got the total replacement, and I am overjoyed to be able to move my body again. I am getting stronger every day, and I like think I’m ready for anything…a hike, swim dive, paddle, ride, ski, and even a big piece of birthday cake! Hey I can work it off!”

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