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Christie Brinkley, 68, in hot pink swimsuit defies age

Christie Brinkley bikini
Christie Brinkley defies gravity in a bikini. Pic credit: ©

Christie Brinkley showed off her patriotic attire in a bikini from the Hamptons, where she resides.

The supermodel is never shy about showing off her famous body, so her latest shots were not much of a surprise. 

The ex of Billy Joel turned 68 in February, which was hard to believe based on her latest share. She chose to allow nature to be the soundtrack to the stunning video, with birds chirping and insect noise in the background.

The mother of Alexa, Sailor, and Jack indicated that she returned to Long Island, following some time in wine country, Napa Valley.

Christie Brinkley impresses in a swimsuit

Christie Brinkley shared a piece of the Hamptons in a Fourth of July display over the weekend. She wore a hot pink swimsuit, a white flowing robe, and a hand-woven satchel. Christie’s blonde hair blew in the wind, and she sported dark sunglasses.

Christie walked toward the camera on a white-sand beach in the Hamptons. She held her flip-flops in one hand and her straw hat in the other, placing it on her head and smiling.

Christie seemed in a great mood and shared a poem to accompany the video. She wrote,” Songbirds and the sea, Rejuvenate me after a lovely trip to Napa Valley Then a few days in the mountains Where I made some new friendsI can’t wait to return to #aspenideas fest again! Now back in the Hamptons I jump in the seaAnd I find that the oceans Where I feel most like me. 💙 Happy 4Th of July Week end! Let’s strike for Womens rights to honor Independence Day! I’ll post details in stories.”

Christie Brinkley shares her tips to avoid aging 

Christie Brinkley is known for her refreshing attitude toward aging and wants to help others follow suit.

She shared some tips and tricks in a recent Instagram post for fans. Perhaps stating the obvious, Christie explained that it is difficult to lose weight at age 68.

She suggested that fans avoid sugar and exercise. 

The rhyming model posted an animated photo and included the caption: “When you eat too much at 68, it’s not as easy to lose the weight, so here’s a tip that’s tried and true, that will make you feel like your best you, Avoid the sugar and do exercise, it’s not about the size of your thighs, Vibrant good health will be your prize.”

Christie is a famous proponent of the rainbow diet, which involves eating as many natural colors as possible daily.

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