Chrishell Stause slams People’s Choice Awards for not allowing G Flip to attend with her

Chrishell Stause attends the premiere of The Lost City and G-Flip attends the 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards
Chrishell Stause slammed People’s Choice Awards for allegedly not allowing her to bring her partner, G Flip. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press

On December 7, 2022, Chrishell Stause slammed the People’s Choice Awards for not allowing her to bring a plus one to the awards show unless they were a cast member. As a result, she was not allowed to bring her partner, G Flip, to the Awards show and decided to speak out on the issue.

Stause slammed the People’s Choice Awards in a series of posts. She expressed hesitation to make the posts as she believed that she would “regret” it afterward and that she might not be nominated ever again for speaking out.

However, she continued to voice her displeasure at the award show’s odd decision to only allow a plus one if it was a fellow cast member of Selling Sunset. Stause has appeared on the show since 2019 and was nominated for a People’s Choice Award for her appearance on it.

She explained that she had been nominated for The Reality TV Star of 2022 award and that all of the Selling Sunset cast was allegedly allowed to invite a plus one. However, when it came to her they said, “NO.”

Furthermore, Stause stated that when she arrived at the show, she discovered that “everyone was invited.” She seemed to be implying the entire cast was invited anyways, making it very strange that she would be told to bring a cast member for her plus one.

Stause later confirmed that G Flip wasn’t in the country when the awards show occurred. However, she had not known in advance that G Flip wasn’t able to make it and had been fighting to have them included.

Chrishell Stause demanded answers from People’s Choice Awards

Stause continued to express disbelief and confusion at the People’s Choice Awards.

Chrishell Stause Tweet about the People's Choice Awards
Pic credit: @Chrishell7/Twitter

She stressed that “every single” cast member of Selling Sunset was invited. Hence, it didn’t quite make sense that Stause was asked to bring a cast member as her one allowable guest when they were already all going to be there.

Chrishell Stause Tweet about the People's Choice Awards
Pic credit: @Chrishell7/Twitter

Given that the full cast was already invited, Stause demanded the People’s Choice Awards provide answers on why G Flip couldn’t be her guest. She emphasized this by posting a meme asking, “What was the reason?”

In addition to her Tweets, she also posted a comment underneath one of them to confirm that the other cast members did invite non-cast members. It was allegedly only her significant other was not allowed.

She also pointed out that she was the only cast member who received an individual nomination for an award, yet was only the one not allowed to bring a guest.

Chrishell Stause Tweet about the People's Choice Awards
Pic credit: @Chrishell7/Twitter

Her statement was confirmed by the appearance of Jason Oppenheim’s girlfriend and Heather Rae El Moussa’s husband at the awards show. While Oppenheim and El Moussa are both cast members of Selling Sunset, their significant others are not.

Chrishell Stause’s and G-Flip’s relationship timeline

Stause and her partner, G Flip, have been officially dating for seven months after their first meeting around February 2022.

While Stause is best known for her role on Selling Sunset, G Flip is an Australian singer and songwriter. Their real name is Georgia Claire Flipo, though they go by the stage name G Flip most often.

Stause had previously been in a relationship with Jason Oppenheim, but they broke things off at the end of 2021. By February 2022, she had met and started spending time with G Flip.

In May 2022, she confirmed that she and G Flip were in a relationship. She later addressed the fact that G Flip identifies as nonbinary, stating “With G, they identify as nonbinary. They really feel like they are a mix. They identify on both sides of male and female. I personally find [it] such a beautiful mix and it’s probably why we did connect on such a deep level so quick.”

The two have been open about their relationship since officially announcing it. Over time, they have shared snippets of them supporting each other at events, celebrating Halloween together, and writing birthday tributes to each other.

So far, People’s Choice Awards has not responded to Stause’s allegations about them refusing to let G Flip attend the show with her.

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