Chrisean Rock reacts to rapper Blueface’s arrest for attempted murder

Chrisean Rock up close
Chrisean Rock is sticking beside her man. Pic credit: @chriseanmalone/Twitter

After Chrisean Rock’s boyfriend Blueface was arrested for attempted murder on Tuesday, many of her fans thought that this was an opportunity for her to escape a relationship many people see as toxic. But Chrisean didn’t want to hear that.

Chrisean was with Blueface when he was arrested and posted a video shortly afterward on her social media, calling the rapper “daddy.” She said in her Instagram caption, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper. I’m yo rock forever.”

Chrisean can be heard in the background of the arrest video telling Blueface, “It’s gonna be okay, daddy.” It also sounds like she asked if she could get her money, although it’s unclear who she was asking.

Blueface was arrested in Las Vegas for attempted murder with a firearm. He was later released on a $50k bond after his first court appearance on Wednesday.

The incident that Blueface was arrested for occurred on October 8. His arrest followed an undercover sting operation.

Blueface will have another court date in January. He was bonded out by Chrisean and his manager, Wack 100.

Chrisean Rock is a real ride or die

Immediately after Blueface’s arrest, Chrisean tweeted, “ugh why gotta take you from me.” At the time, no one was clear that she was speaking about Blueface. She also retweeted Blueface’s mugshot with heart-eye emojis.

Chrisean Rock tweet
Pic credit: @ChriseanMalone/Twitter

After several comments from her followers stating that this was her opportunity to finally leave the Thotiana rapper, Chrisean posted a video in response on her Instagram Live, dashing any hope of that happening. She said, “Everybody that keeps saying it’s a sign to leave — what the f**k is you talking about?”

A critic's tweet thar reads, "look at god helping chrisean out .. i just know she not gon listen though"
A critic saying that God was helping Chrisean out of her relationship. Pic credit: @ROCKINGMYFAME/Twitter

She then stated that she was going to court on Wednesday to stand beside her man, and that was all that mattered. She said that she is confident that Blueface will be coming home. And she then started promoting their upcoming new show on the Zeus network.

Tweet that reads "Chrisean was never going to leave Blueface the universe had to step in"
Some fans said Chrisean was never going to leave Blueface. Pic credit: @DJZeeti/Twitter

Chrisean continued by saying, “Don’t be surprised when I get another chain with his face, another tat on my face.”

Chrisean’s feud with Blueface’s baby momma about jail calls

Chrisean posted an Instagram live video where she and Wack 100, Blueface’s manager, pulled up to the courthouse in order to bail Blueface out of jail. Blueface’s baby’s momma was not happy about that and posted a response, causing the ladies to have a social media argument.

In Chrisean’s post with Wack 100, she captioned the photo, “His family is here. We got him. Daddy coming home.” Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface’s baby’s momma, then posted a video of herself fanning several $100 bills onto the floor. She also posted a screenshot of a number that called her that she claimed was Blueface calling her from jail, with the caption, “he know who to call.”

Chrisean then posted a video where she says that while Jaidyn was posting on social media, Chrisean was actually at the courthouse with Blueface. She said that Blueface’s fans were even there, but Jaidyn wasn’t.

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