Chris Hemsworth shirtless for muscle show off ‘on a boat’ with his kids

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth looked ripped in fun snap. Pic credit:

Chris Hemsworth showed off his muscles as he went shirtless for a pretend boat trip with his kids.

The Hollywood A-lister is known for his amazing physique and wacky sense of humor, and he regularly displays both on social media.

His latest post was a perfect case in point as he stripped down to his trunks and plunged into a bath with his two children after they told him they wanted to go on a boat.

In two fun snaps on Instagram, Chris flexes his biceps as his sons look on, puzzled.

There’s no doubt the star’s been keeping in shape with the shot capturing his muscled arms, huge pecs, and an impressive six-pack.

Chris captioned the post, “Kids wanted to go on a boat trip. This is the best we could do. They might have been slightly disappointed.”

It looked like they were all still having fun, though, in a glorious setting that showcased Chris’s enviable lifestyle.

The big brass tub was sitting on a large decking area in what is presumably the Hemsworth garden with a tropical background of green palms and ferns. Splashes of water across the deck tell the tale of the larking around that has been going on beforehand. And all three looked relaxed and happy in each other’s company, revealing a close-knit family unit.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor play

Chris is most famous for playing Marvel superhero and God of Thunder Thor.

The blockbuster role has required him to be in sensational shape 90% of the time. But in a fun twist for Avengers: End Game, Chris had to don a fat suit to portray Thor as a beer-guzzling slob.

The part gave him a chance to display his comedy skills, and he had plenty of fun with it off set too. After the recent smash hit Thor: Love and Thunder saw him begin the movie in his overweight form before going through a rigorous exercise to return to his ripped physique, Chris posted “beThor and after” snaps to Instagram.

A cheeky caption added, “@centrfit couldn’t be more proud of this young chap from Asgard.”

Chris Hemsworth beat his brother to part

Everything could have been very different, though if Thor’s casting agents had decided not to go with Chris and opted instead for one of their other shortlisted candidates, his younger brother Liam.

Chris previously told how he only got the part after Liam, 32, had been seriously considered for the role before him.

He said, “My little brother almost got cast as Thor. He [Liam] was one of the first people who got right down to the wire on getting the part.”

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