Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia Guzman wants more child support for Royalty, child support battle heats up

Chris Brown in front of one of his many sports cars
Chris Brown’s baby mother is asking for more than double in child support. Pic credit: @chrisbrownofficial/Instagram

Chris Brown found out he was a father after his daughter Royalty was born. Ever since, he’s been in and out of court as he fights her mother, Nia Guzman, as she continues to ask for more and more child support.

Now, Nia is at it again, asking for another child support increase for Royalty. Despite easily being able to cover higher payments, The Blast reports that Chris Brown is fighting back with an argument that paying more than he already is will just spoil the little girl.

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Brown is already reportedly paying out nearly $10,000 per month for his daughters’ care, with amounts specified to cover private schooling, nannies, medical care and everything else she could possibly need. There’s even said to be money allotted each month for travel, gifts and extracurricular activities, which is a whole lot more than most parents are awarded in child support.

Chris Brown’s baby mother is reportedly asking for even more, claiming that she needs $21,000 per month to take care of the preschooler. That’s more than double what she is already getting.

On top of all that, Nia Guzman is also asking for a whopping $250,000 in back child support.

However, Brown claims that Guzman has plenty of money coming in and that most of her income is actually paid by other people. Between Chris Brown’s child support payments and spousal support that Nia receives from her former husband, she’s reportedly bringing in nearly $15,000 per month.

Chris has argued that he didn’t even know about his daughter Royalty until well after she was born. In fact, she was nine months old when news broke that Chris Brown even had a daughter and the shocking news is what ended his relationship with Karrueche Tran.

Further, Chris claims that Nia gave Royalty another man’s last name. It wasn’t until after a paternity test revealed that he was the girl’s father that his relationship with Royalty even got started.

Making matters look even worse, Chris claims that Nia Guzman threatened to keep Royalty away from her dad if he didn’t agree to pay more money. The child support case is still ongoing.

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