Chris Brown death: Tributes pour in after Santa Barbara surfer dies

Chris Brown surfing a massive tube at Mavericks
Surfer Chris Brown has passed away at age 48. Seen here on a huge tube at Mavericks. Pic credit: Still from YouTube video by Joshua Pomer.

Santa Barbara surfer Chris Brown has died at age 48. The former professional surfer was active in the late 80s and 90s. 

Brown won several competitions during his career including the PSAA Champion in 1994, Katin Invitational Champ in 1996. 

The cause of death and details surrounding his untimely passing are unknown at the time of this report. 

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South African surfer and world champion Shaun Tomson announced Chris Brown’s death on Twitter with a tribute to Brown whose talent was once compared to Tommy Curran.

Despite his unlikely build and non-typical surfing style, “Brownie” was one of the best. He was noted as one of the only surfers who could beat Kelly Slater. 

A man’s body, believed to be Chris Brown, was discovered on Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara on Saturday, according to the local police department.

Without elaborating a spokesperson for local law enforcement stated the following: “Where the body was found may not be where the individual was deceased.”

The Police department has not releasing a name due to an ongoing investigation. 

Kelly Slater paid tribute to Chris Brown by changing his Instagram bio to the following: “Chris Brown. So sad. Miss you already, buddy.” 

The legendary surfer reportedly worked as a commercial fisherman after retirement from the sport.

In several tributes to his life, fans and colleagues describe Chris Brown as a remarkable talent and competitor with many noting his good nature. 

Chris Brown on Bigest Tube Ever Filmed at Mavericks

Chris Brown is survived by his wife and children.

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