Chicago rapper EBE Bandz listed as a missing person, details revealed

EBE Bandz Instagram
EBE Bandz is officially a missing person after disappearing over the weekend. Pic credit: EBE Bandz/Instagram

Chicago rapper EBE Bandz aka Billy Da Kid has been listed as a missing person in Chicago. His manager Big C has revealed some details about the last time the rapper was seen alive.

Big C stated that EBE Bandz, whose real name is William Andersen Pickering, was last seen on Sunday morning when he was driving home. The 24-year-old rapper’s car was found in his garage, which suggests that he made it home. However, his manager states that his home was trashed and he has not been seen since.

Ebe Bandz is best known for his drill song Really Had Much Shot. In 2015, he was affiliated with the collective GMEBE Bandz but split from the group in 2016.

His missing person status means that the Chicago police could not determine whether he is alive or dead. It is unclear from his manager’s statement whether any evidence about his current status was found in his home or in the car he was last reportedly seen driving toward his home on Sunday.

In 2017, Bandz was reportedly arrested on gun and drug charges and was sentenced to one year in prison. He affiliated with the Titanic Stone, which is a set of Chicago-based street gang Black P. Stones.

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