Chiara Ferragni stuns in her undies for a bathroom pose

Chiara Ferragni selfie close up
A picture of Chiara Ferragni with blonde hair. Pic credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

Chiara Ferragni is a mother, digital entrepreneur, business founder, social media influencer, and fashionista.

When it comes time for Chiara to dress up for unforgettable moments and gorgeous pictures, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

A glimpse into Chiara’s closet would probably reveal an endless number of trendy items that could be mixed and matched to create beautiful outfits.

The sultry outfit she posted on her Instagram Stories left little to the imagination in a stunning manner. Her pose of choice added to the modelesque vibe.

Chiara wore an outfit that was enough to make anyone stop and stare if they saw her out in public. In the picture, though, she was standing in front of a bathroom mirror.

Before that, she posed for a gorgeous series of photos in an outfit that looked chic and classy while supporting Louis Vuitton.

Chiara Ferragni looks flawless in fishnets

Chiara shared a gorgeous picture on her Instagram Stories wearing an outfit that revealed tons of skin. On her top half, she wore a simple white tank top that was bunched up over her stomach to show off her midriff.

The neckline of the tank top wasn’t low enough to show off much skin on top, though. On her bottom half, she wore a pair of white underwear underneath black fishnet tights.

A picture of Chiara Ferragni wearing a white tank top.
Chiara Ferragni wearing fishnet tights. Pic credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

The fishnet tights had a thick black edge covering her belly button. Chiara went all out with accessories, layering several clunky braces on one wrist and two smaller bracelets on the other.

She also wore a necklace with a pendant resembling wings around her neck. Several of Chiara’s tattoos were visible, including the ink she received on her inner arms, wrists, and fingers.

Chiara Ferragni is a Louis Vuitton starlet

Chiara looked fabulous in a separate photo thread wearing Louis Vuitton for an outdoor stroll. She mentioned Louis Vuitton in her caption to let the world know she was toting one of their limited-edition bags.

Chiara wore a cable net crop top in a cream color with a turtleneck that provided tons of modesty over her chest area. Her stomach was easy enough to see, but she still maintained more coverage with a black blazer on top.

Chiara’s shorts were covered in an intricate design of several different flowers. The flowers were lime green, blue, white, orange, purple, and yellow over a black backdrop.

She wore black tights tucked into black boots with short heels, silver zippers, and fuzzy trim. Last but not least, the Louis Vuitton purse she wore was a great addition to the outfit. It was a yellow color with purple blotches scattered throughout.

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