Chiara Ferragni stuns in blue dress with a thigh-high slit

Chiara Ferragni attends the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Show
Chiara Ferragni looked stunning as she showed off her legs in a dress with a thigh-high slit. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Chiara Ferragni stunned as she paused for a closet photo to show off her outfit of the day.

The 35-year-old fashion blogger posed in a squat for the photo. In doing so, she showed off her flawless legs through the thigh-high slit in her skirt.

For the photo, Ferragni donned a gorgeous silky royal blue skirt that featured the aforementioned slit and tied in a knot on the side. She wore a pair of gorgeous light blue stiletto-heeled sandals to match her skirt.

For her top, she wore a plunging black long-sleeve shirt that was open in the back, and her toenails were painted black, matching the top perfectly.

For accessories, Ferragni clutched a small metallic purse from her Chiara Ferragni brand in her hands. She also wore several bracelets on each wrist.

However, the most eye-catching accessories were the large, diamond-studded cross earrings she wore dangling from each ear.

Chiara Ferragni stunned in closet photo

Ferragni looked stunning in her blue and black outfit as she posed on the closet floor. Behind her in the photo, rows of clothes on hangers could be seen, while shelves lined with folded clothes stood in front of her.

For the picture, she styled her dirty blonde hair so that it lay halfway down with a small top knot.

Her makeup added a glamorous final touch to her outfit. She wore eye-catching blue eyeshadow on her eyelids to coordinate with her skirt and also wore some mascara, eyeliner, and a light shade of lipstick.

Chiara Ferragni poses in her closet in black and blue for an Instagram Story
Pic credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

It isn’t uncommon for Ferragni to share her latest look with her followers on social media. She is involved in all things fashion as she has worked as a fashion designer and model and is the author of the extremely popular fashion blog, The Blonde Salad.

As a result, she always shares new outfits with followers and sometimes even gives them tips on where they can find what she’s wearing.

Her 28.1 million followers certainly warrant her frequent updates as they provide quite the audience for her.

Ferragni launched her own clothing brand

While Ferragni does model for and promotes numerous fashion brands, she also boasts her very own self-titled clothing brand.

The Chiara Ferragni brand first launched in 2013. It initially started solely as a shoe brand, but over time it has evolved into a full clothing and accessories brand that offers everything from shoes to purses to stationery.

Her brand has grown exponentially since it started expanding globally in 2016. The expansion saw her brand launch pop-up stores in places like Milan, Paris, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

The brand has also promoted the #LoveFiercely campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

In addition to promoting the campaign, Ferragni also donated a sum of money to fund a school initiative that would raise awareness and educate middle and high school students in Milan.

Her brand has proven to be a successful business venture as it takes on global expansion and steps in to support good causes.

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