Chiara Ferragni stuns in a black cutout dress and pink boots

Chiara Ferragni in black dress
Chiara Ferragni looked stunning in her black dress. Pic credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

Chiara Ferragni decided to feature a stunning rendition of the classic little black dress. While out with her husband Fedez, she showed off her high-fashion outfit before going out for a night on the town. 

The social media influencer wore a little black dress that skimmed her body perfectly. The dress featured a black rose broach, long sleeves, a turtleneck, and a large cut-out by her torso.  

Along the bust and skirt was delicate ruching that complemented her figure perfectly. For a pop of color, she paired the dress with pink crushed velvet ankle-length boots. 

To accessorize the outfit, she wore long rhinestone earrings, diamond rings, and a small silver handbag. 

She kept her makeup simple and wore neutral eyeshadow and muted orange lipstick.  

The blonde curled her hair and let it cascade off her shoulders for an effortless look.  

Chiara Ferragni gives fans an office look while promoting the brand Etro  

When the Chiara Ferragni brand CEO goes to the office, she makes sure to arrive in style. The social media personality partnered with Etro to promote their gorgeous trotter bag, which was perfect for the influencer who was ready to get to business. 

Chiara was photographed wearing a leather bandeau that adorned a faded floral print. Over her top was a cropped matching jacket that featured silver buttons and large pockets. She paired the top with a brown skirt that completed the whole ensemble.  

The outfit went perfectly with the star of the show, Etro’s trotter bag. The small bag featured a floral print and a stark brown leather horse that stood out from the pattern.  

Her complete look was put together with the help of Marco de Vincenzo, the creative director of Etro.  

The outfit was supposed to be a part of their Step into the Holiday’s 2023 preview.  

Chiara Ferragni shows her love for Balmain 

Chiara loved her new Balmain bag and clearly could not wait to show it off on Instagram. 

The mom of two showed off her gorgeous white Balmain Blaze bag while posing in the mirror. She paired the bag with a colorful outfit, which made the bag pop in comparison.  

She had a tight multicolored mini dress that featured long sleeves, a cut-out by the neckline, and hanging fabric along the sides of her legs.  

She paired the dress with white pointed-toe boots that matched her Balmain bag perfectly.  

Besides the high-fashion bag, she also used white stockings and gold hoops to accessorize the outfit.  

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