Chiara Ferragni shows skin in skintight leather

Chiara Ferragni looks stunning.
Chiara Ferragni looked stunning in a skin-bearing set of outfits shared on social media. Pic credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

Chiara Ferragni continued to serve fashion wins as the successful influencer revealed never-before-seen looks on her social media.

The Blonde Salad blogger has managed to keep the excitement alive more than one decade after she started her career as a fashion writer. The latest photos indicated why because the Italian native pushed the envelope and kept it cute, wearing unique but relatable ensembles.

She treated her followers to a jam-packed carousel of pictures with fashion as the star of every shot.

The mother of two geotagged Milan, Italy, her hometown, and the location of her studios.

The fashionable beauty shared the photos with her 28.1 million Instagram followers, with whom she often posts fashion and family fun.

The latest post was no exception, as she dabbled in punk, elegant, and feminine ensembles.

Chiara Ferragni wows in all-black for a fashionable share

The first photo featured Chiara with her hands on her hips, wearing a black diamond-encrusted bikini top. She paired the top with a cropped blazer and barely-there cutout leggings that resembled a cutout designer extraordinaire, Monot.

She wore black sunglasses, velvet gloves, silver hoops, and sleek blonde hair as she posed at a photoshoot with lighting equipment visible in her sunglasses.

A swipe right showed Chiara’s latest manicure with unique tan-colored nails decorating her tattooed hand. She rocked a gorgeous leopard bangle and two classic Cartier pieces as she captured her hand with a pillow in the background.

In the next shot, Chiara opted for an entirely different style: a white dress shirt and a colorful shawl with multi-colored fringe decorating each lapel. She matched the shawl with denim jeans and a brown snakeskin purse as she gave her twist on a classic look with touches of Southwestern influences visible.

The fifth part of the post was a standout as Chiara posed between two leather-wearing men. She, too, wore black leather with low-rise pants and an open shirt, leaving little to the imagination.

The model rocked dark eyeliner and teased hair, adding to the edge of the attire.

With such stunning looks, it isn’t hard to see that Chiara spends time on her appearance.

Chiara Ferragni believes in the power of beauty

Chiara has lived much of her life in front of cameras, so she knows a thing or two about hair and makeup.

She told Glamour magazine that while she appreciated her natural beauty, she also enjoyed putting on makeup and styling her hair.

Chiara described her magical makeup moments as a meditative time of self-care.

Chiara revealed, “My makeup and beauty routine is an act of self care and an opportunity to take time for myself.”

She continued, “It’s like a mindful moment to really recharge and focus on something that will make me feel my best.”

Whatever Chiara has tried has worked out well for her, as she has achieved high levels of success.

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