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Chiara Ferragni shows off incredibly toned physique in tiny fuzzy crop top

Chiara Ferragni
Chiara Ferragni is stunning in a revealing crop top. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Chiara Ferragni is considered one of the first major fashion influencers after she rose to fame from her blog, The Blonde Salad, which she started in 2009.

Now, she has over 27.9 million followers on Instagram alone, still has her blog, and has her own self-titled brand.

Unsurprisingly, the blonde stunner often promotes her designs by wearing them herself for daily outings and major events.

The past couple of weeks have been full of fashion events, so her posts have become full of pictures and videos from different outings.

On Wednesday, she shared her outfit from her first day at Milan Fashion Week: Her own Chiara Ferragni mini sweater.

Her day included the Fendi show, lunch with America’s Got Talent host Heidi Klum, some Chiara Ferragni brand meetings, and of course, showing off her tiny sweater.

Chiara Ferragni stuns in revealing busty crop top

Her mini sweater featured a fuzzy lilac-colored fabric and a high neckline. The top also featured three-quarter sleeves, though it wasn’t covering much of anything.

Chiara’s mini sweater showed off her toned abs, obliques, and a bit of her chest peeked out from beneath the hem as well.

She chose some pocket-heavy jeans for her pants and pointy black shoes, which can be seen in the second slide of her post.

The top does not appear to be listed on her website at this time, though most available shirts retail for about $210 USD.

On the sixth slide, fans see a picture of Chiara with Heidi Klum, where Chiara is wearing a plunging and glittering black dress with tall red boots.

The last two slides show more of the look, highlighting the bright red shoes and her matching black purse. In each photo, Chiara looked stunning, with light makeup that complemented her features.

Chiara Ferragni on red carpet
Chiara Ferragni has become a super successful model and businesswoman. Pic credit: © Smith/Featureflash

Chiara seems to be winning at life just now. In another Instagram post from this week, the businesswoman posted a gorgeous pic of herself in a skintight blue dress featuring red and violet roses. She looked super cool and relaxed in the pic which she captioned, “Life lately 💖”

The model geotagged Milan, Italy, into the post and included a number of other pictures which included accessories, shots of her adorable children, and a stunning pic of a boat in a bay.

Chiara Ferragni highlights favorite skincare routine

Speaking to Glamour magazine last year, Chiara revealed some of her favorite beauty routines and skincare options.

She told the magazine that she considers her makeup and beauty routines to be “acts of self care,” as well as “an opportunity to take time for myself.”

One of her favorite parts is getting a long facial massage from her stylist, Manuele Mameli, before getting her makeup done. She added that she tries to do it by herself when she takes her makeup off at the end of the day, “but it’s so much better when a professional does it.”

Though she has tried and true methods that she enjoys, she also likes to try new things and has tried different facial treatments and even cryotherapy, though she said, “I prefer a hot bath!”

Chiara Ferragni on the red carpet
Chiara Ferragni says one has to accept that life has ups and downs. Pic credit: ©

Chiara also gave Glamour some of her tips on how to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life. She explained that she never thought her current life was possible and that she tries to focus on how good things are whenever she feels down. That said, the model thinks it’s very important to allow oneself to feel down.

She further explained, “You can’t always fight the bad and miserable times, you have to accept that life has ups and downs. It’s not about where you are right now, it’s about the whole ride, which is why I always say, ‘no one queues for a flat rollercoaster.'”

Chiara also admitted that attempting to remain happy all the time just puts far too much pressure on an individual.

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