Chiara Ferragni promotes latest lingerie ad in matching white sheets

Chiara Ferragni selfie close up
Designer and blogger Chiara Ferragni is stunning in her latest lingerie look. Pic credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

The Blonde Salad blogger and Italian designer Chiara Ferragni doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to fashion, but she walks the walk, too.

Rising to fame in the 2010s for her fashion blog, it was no surprise when Chiara started her own brand, and the blonde beauty continues to step out in style no matter the occasion.

On Tuesday, she shared some snaps from an advertisement with the Italian brand Intimissimi where she put her modeling skills to the test and passed with flying colors.

Chiara posed in a bed made up of stark white sheets that perfectly matched the white lacy ensemble she wore for Intimissimi.

She shared shots of herself sitting, lying, and even standing and taking a few steps in the elegant lingerie set.

Her incredibly svelte and toned physique was highlighted by the bra and underwear combo, along with the rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklace she wore for the shots.

Chiara finished the look with a more natural makeup vibe and kept her long locks back and mostly out of her face, smiling clearly at the camera.

Steal The Style

Shine like Chiara in Intimissimi

Shine High Like Stars Elettra Super Push-up Bra by Intimissimi


Chiara dazzled her followers with her white underwear set from Intimissimi, and we’ve hunted down the exact style for you!

The Shine High Like Stars range comes in black or white, with several different styles to choose from including a balcony bra or the push-up style, as seen on Chiara. We love the subtle rhinestone detail on the straps and underwire that makes this set even more glamorous and special.

Treat yourself to something sexy – the white colorway also makes a stunning bridal underwear set for your wedding day!

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Chiara Ferragni loves her undies

Chiara’s been stepping up her modeling game lately with a lot of lingerie selfies and shots in a few different looks, sharing some extremes of the color spectrum with her white ensemble today and her black lingerie set last week.

She took to her closet to share a couple of snaps in a matching black bra and underwear set, both made of lace and highlighting her slim figure.

Her underwear featured a splash of color as it featured pink swaths of fabric on the side for a nice pastel touch.

Chiara’s massive walk-in closet regularly doubles up as her workplace and catwalk, and on this occasion, she posted two pics of the lingerie with one side view, so her fans could get a good look at the outfit.

The mother of two declared “I ❤️ HOT MOMS” in the caption, and the post quickly racked up over 300,000 likes.

Earlier this month, she went full pastel with a yellow bra and underwear set, reminding fans of the warmer weather that has since passed.

She posted a quick video of this outfit to her Instagram. Once again, her giant wardrobe was the backdrop as she pulled a number of different poses while Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras played in the background. She captioned this one, “❤️‍🔥”

Chiara Ferragni models lingerie for Intimissimi advertisement

Chiara noted in a separate post that this set was from the Italian clothing label and that she was posting the pictures as part of an advertisement. Ever the businesswoman, Chiara knows that the work never ends in the fashion world.

She wrote in the caption, “Too cute to not take a pic of this @intimissimiofficial lingerie set 🤍 shop it in their stores and online #ChiaraLovesIntimissimi #Intimissimi #adv.”

The advertisement features three pieces from their Shine High Like Stars line, including the Elettra Super Push-up Bra which retails for $69, the ’80s Style Thong for $15, and the matching Shine High Like Stars Garter Belt, available for $29.

This particular line includes a few different bra styles, such as balconette bras and bralettes, as well as some various underwear styles and the Shine High Like Stars Lace Kimono. Most items are available in black and/or white.

Chiara Ferragni is celebrating the ‘best of these days’

Chiara is living her best life just now, and as one of the first to capitalize on a big social media following, she’s built a highly successful career out of modeling and influencing.

Chiara Ferragni in a pink dress
Chiara Ferragni has built a highly successful influencing career. Pic credit: ©

She recently posted a photo dump titled “best of these days,” which gave fans a peek into the everyday life of the famous Italian blogger.

She posted pics of herself attending a gender equality event, wearing fancy jewelry and outfits, posing topless in lingerie, and hanging out with her husband, rapper Fedez. There was also an adorable shot of her toddler daughter.

Chiara also included a gorgeous sunset over a cityscape, and she’s clearly already in the festive mood as a trendy Christmas tree was also featured in the photo dump.

Chiara’s post has nearly 300,000 likes.

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