Chiara Ferragni goes topless for hometown fashion fun during Milan Fashion Week

chiara ferragni
Chiara Ferragni rocks a few head-turning looks during Milan Fashion Week in her native city. Pic credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

Chiara Ferragni brought the looks and the food to Milan Fashion Week in a series of gorgeous pictures.

The Blonde Salad founder was right at home during the latest fashion week as a native of Milan and fashion blogger.

Chiara didn’t disappoint as she served up more than looks, also displaying delicious-looking sandwiches.

She shared the latest post with her 27.9 Instagram followers, who she regularly treats to content from around the world. As an influencer, Chiara gets paid to take pictures at various locations wearing different attire and promoting brands.

Chiara showed that an influencer’s work is never complete as she posed in an elevator, on a marble staircase, and in the streets of Milan.

She dressed appropriately for each setting, offering a latex look, a lace outfit, and even a neon yellow dress.

Chiara Ferragni serves looks during Milan Fashion Week

Chiara began the Instagram carousel with a deep red latex suit. She sported extensions in her long blonde locks, with pin-straight hair and a side part. She tilted her head back and parted her lips with winged eyeliner and soft glam makeup.

The second shot featured Chiara with a bright red lip and dark lip liner. She had her blonde hair in loose waves and wore small gold hoop earrings. The influencer crossed her arms, revealing a dark manicure. She wore a black silk blazer with flared sleeves and a black and gold cross.

The third photo showed Chiara on the streets of Milan with an embellished black top that buttoned only at the bodice. She wore black latex opera gloves with the vest and high-waisted black slacks.

Next, Chiara posed topless with just her hair covering her chest. She came with sandwiches in hand as her precious pug below her eyed the tasty snack.

Finally, Chiara sat on a marble staircase with a black rug draped on top. She smiled in a yellow, sleeveless neon mini dress.

Her caption read, “Versace, Gucci and Etro looks 🔥.”

Last week, Chiara, once again, took to Instagram to show off a ridiculously small crop top sweater.

On her first day of the Milan Fashion Week, the Italian model posted a carousel of pics as she modeled a fuzzy lilac-colored fabric sweater with a high neckline.

The tiny sweater showed off her toned abs, and a little bit of her chest peeked out the bottom too. According to the caption, the garment is from her own clothing range.

Day 2 of the Fashion Week saw Chiara in a radical change of outfit.

Donned in leather and dark colors, she showed off her long-toned legs in a pair of fishnet tights.

Chiara Ferragni discusses creativity

Chiara Ferragni served as a judge on the Amazon Prime show Making The Cut. The job was a natural gig for Chiara, who is highly creative and sells her designs.

Chiara told Fashion Week Daily, “That’s something I do myself when it comes to my own image, my collaborations, and the work I do under my own brand name.”

She continued, “It’s not only about being creative; it’s also about creating products that really sell and creating an image that people are drawn to. These are things people sometimes take for granted — especially if they don’t work in this industry — but they are just as important as designing.”

Chiara spilled tea on working with Naomi Campbell

Chiara Ferragni and Naomi Campbell on the red carpet
Chiara Ferragni and Naomi Campbell worked together on Making The Cut. Pic credit: © bukley/Carrie-nelson

Chiara also spilled the tea about what it’s like working with supermodel legend Naomi Campbell. The Italian admitted that Naomi was “intimidating” and “and not super friendly right away,” but that they did manage to eventually form a relationship.

Chiara further explained that in the first few episodes of Making The Cut, Naomi was “on her own” and was “distant,” so it was difficult to get friendly with her. However, after a while, Naomi began acknowledging Chiara more and more, and after they all went out for dinner, the pair became “super friendly.”

Fans can expect lots more amazing posts from the model as she continues to showcase her Chiara Ferragni brand.

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