Charly Jordan uses belt as a bra for magazine photoshoot

Charly Jordan smiles for the camera
Charly Jordan looks gorgeous with bright blonde hair, a natural makeup look, and a shiny smile while walking the red carpet. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Social media personality Charly Jordan doesn’t stop impressing her fans and leaving them with their jaws on the floor.

Not long ago, she was seen wearing a black top and sweatpants, flaunting her incredible abs, and attending fashion events.

Now she has a feature in tmrw magazine and she definitely looks recognizable in the best way possible.

The DJ wore a thick black belt with a big silver buckle as a bra. She even put two more around her waist – one of them was green and the other a light brown. She is doing innovative things when it comes to fashion.

Jordan paired these belts with an interesting pair of orange denim jeans, which gave the illusion they were bleached.

Her long blonde hair was styled straight and down, but her bleached eyebrows and dark lips were definitely the stars of the show in this look.

Charly Jordan wows in dark lipstick and a belt bra for a magazine photoshoot

She accessorized with a couple of silver chain necklaces, as well as a gold Cartier bracelet that she later swapped for a big silver bracelet.

The influencer showed off her incredible physique with this look and her many tattoos as she got on her knees to pose for the camera.

Jordan posted several shots on her Instagram of this photoshoot. She made sure to mention all the people who made it possible and gave this post a funny caption, “I’ll do it tomorrow @tmrwmag.”

Charly Jordan talks about how she became a DJ

The 23-year-old is an entrepreneur and influencer, but not long ago she found a new passion, being a DJ.

Jordan sat down with tmrw magazine to talk about her career and how much she likes to inspire people to try out new things. She mentioned that from her point of view, house music is a very big thing in other parts of the world, but not in the U.S. When she found out about it, she was instantly attracted to it, stating, “When I started traveling, I was like, ‘Where’s this been? Why haven’t I heard this?’ I just loved it so much.”

After this newly found passion for music, the internet sensation installed a home studio and later became one of the only women to have a residency in Las Vegas Zouk Nightclub.

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