Charly Jordan shows off legs in ripped bodysuit and puffy jacket

Charly Jordan poses for the camera
Charly Jordan looks beautiful as ever with perfectly shaped brows, long eyelashes, and a sharp eyeliner wing. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

The beautiful Charly Jordan shares even more pictures of her photoshoot with tmrw magazine.

Jordan is mainly known for being a social media personality and model. However, she is now entering the music industry by becoming a DJ.

Quite recently, she looked incredible for this magazine photoshoot wearing a belt as a bra, denim jeans, and dark lips.

This time, she shared with her fans even more photos wearing different outfits.

Jordan looked incredible in a black ripped bodysuit with a bejeweled dark red corset. On top of that, she layered a puggy white jacket with many different images and words.

She looked extra sexy, wearing a pair of fishnet tights underneath and adding a futuristic, almost transparent pair of sunglasses and big emerald earrings.

Charly Jordan wows in a bright red lip and colorful puffy jacket

The purpose of this shoot was definitely to make the DJ try out new fashion trends and make more casual and urban outfits look polished and somewhat elegant.

In another photo, she can be seen wearing a green and red jacket. This time her plump lips were bright red and became the center of attention alongside the big oval black glasses she had on.

Her blonde hair was again up in a slick messy bun, and her long fake lashes could be seen from behind the glasses.

She added some extra accessories to this colorful look by wearing a lot of silver mini hoop earrings on each one of her ear piercings.

Charly Jordan to become an actress

The influencer and DJ, who debuted her single Blackstrap Molasses in 2020, is now trying to expand her career even further.

In an interview with tmrw magazine, she talked about how great it was to be one of the only women in Las Vegas to have a residency at a hotel. After all, she has come far already, which is a great achievement.

And now, Jordan seems to be expanding her career into the acting world. She said, “I never really had the time for it. But now that I have my career a little bit more established, I’m dipping into acting and just doing it for fun. I’m excited for the projects to come up. I’m working with some people that I’ve looked up to my entire life.”

She didn’t comment on what kind of project she has been working on and who else is involved, but she sure left the readers excited to know more.

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