Charly Jordan goes makeup free and feels confident after getting nonsurgical procedure on her face

Charly Jordan poses on the red carpet at the premiere of Hustle
Charly Jordan went make-up-free and is feeling confident after getting a nonsurgical procedure on her face. Pic credit: ©

Charly Jordan went topless and make-up-free to share the results of her product-less, nonsurgical proedure.

The 23-year-old social media personality was glowing in the candid photos that showed the results of her facial treatment.

She showed her face from all sides in the photo while either smiling slightly or puckering her lips.

Jordan also went topless for the photo, showing off her tan lines.

In addition to being topless and make-up-free, she wore her hair wet and pushed back behind her head and shoulders.

To finish her look, she wore two chains of varying lengths that each bore a dagger pendant. She also donned a pair of silver hoop earrings.

Charly Jordan is feeling confident after facial procedure

Jordan was radiating confidence after she underwent her facial procedure. She explained in her caption that she underwent a needleless treatment from Emface.

Emface is nonsurgical and requires just one treatment to lift and tighten the face and decrease wrinkles.

Jordan praised Emface for aiding her in her journey to use fewer products.

Jordan looked as stunning as ever and expressed excitement over making progress toward her goal to use fewer products. It is an admirable goal for someone like Jordan, whose career is largely based on modeling.

She rose to fame nearly overnight due to going viral on TikTok. She now boasts over 8.2 million followers on the platform, along with an additional 4.8 million on Instagram.

Over the years, she has been slowly but steadily adding to her resume by modeling, singing, DJing, and exploring various business ventures.

Jordan talks Beauty In Pain brand

In her Emface photo, Jordan wore two unique dagger pendants. They happen to be part of her growing brand, Beauty In Pain.

Jordan recently shared a video explaining more about her brand, its meaning, and what to expect from it in the future.

In the video, Jordan explained that Beauty In Pain is more than just a brand. The products are supposed to represent healing and encourage becoming a better version of yourself, despite being human and struggling with negative things in life.

Her dagger pendants were one of the first products in the brand, but she teased that Beauty In Pain will also soon be debuting activewear.

The video gave a sneak peek of a matching black sports bra and leggings seen from behind.

Her unique product line advocates finding the positive in the negative and, through it, she hopes to further foster discussions of mental health and self-care.

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