Charly Jordan defies the haters: ‘I wish I had a dollar for every time someone tells me not to post in a bikini’

Charly Jordan
Charly Jordan hit back at her haters by posting a stunning bikini pic. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Social media star turned DJ Charly Jordan showed she didn’t care what her haters thought as she posted a stunning bikini photo.

The 23-year-old beauty wrote to her fans, “Wish I had a dollar every time someone tells me to not post in a bikini,” as she posed in a bright coral two-piece from a location in Bali.

Charly used the modern villa interior to her advantage, adopting it as an interesting backdrop for her defiant snap.

She positioned herself on a set of white stairs, leaning with both arms onto the top step while her legs stretched out toward the camera.

The pose showcased the model & DJ’s incredibly toned figure and the multiple tattoos that adorned her arm.

Charly was sun-kissed from head to toe, making the bikini pop against her bronzed skin.

The image was uploaded as part of a set, and as we swiped through the carousel, we could see the bright two-piece close-up.

It featured a pretty ruched finish on the cup and was held in place by coral strings that crisscrossed over her chest and around her back.

The bottoms matched the bikini top and looked gorgeous on her suntanned body.

The talented DJ included a selfie as part of the set, where she embraced a makeup-free face and wet hair while she enjoyed some downtime in the Indonesian paradise.

We saw her luxurious abode in the series of snaps, which looked out of this world with a tiered swimming pool and stunning greenery all around.

Charly Jordan models a glitzy minidress for Revolve

Charly pulled out a showstopper for Revolve clothing as she sported a stunning Camila Coelho dress.

The stunning social media sensation partnered with the brand to bring a touch of sparkle to her 4.8 million followers.

The one-shoulder style dress was constructed of iridescent sequins and a bra section featuring a single cup held in place with gold straps.

She went outdoors to show off the minidress during golden hour, making the sequins glimmer and sparkle in the setting sun.

It left little to the imagination as it showed off Charly’s insane figure in the stunning photos.

A dress like this didn’t need any extra help, so she kept her accessories to a minimum, wearing only a gold bangle and a selection of earrings.

Charly wore the Sofia Mini Dress by Camila Coelho, priced at $663 and available on the Revolve website.

Charly Jordan shares skincare routine with fans

Charly took to her YouTube channel earlier this year to share her all-important skincare routine with her subscribers.

She started the video by stating, “my skin hates me right now,” before revealing that she’d slept in her makeup.

The star uses products from Sonya Dakar as part of a skincare collaboration she previously launched.

She donned a headband complete with cat ears before she took the Clean Canvas Makeup Remover to melt away the previous night’s makeup.

Charly then took the Silver Clarifying Wash to cleanse and wash away the oil and makeup from the previous step.

She then took the Super Clear Serum, a product designed to fight acne with salicylic acid and niacinamide, and gently rubbed it into her face.

Charly showed fans a facial steamer that she uses for her nighttime skincare, claiming she uses it when she has removed all of her makeup to open up her pores and allow her skin to be more receptive to the products.

She waited until her skin was dry again to apply the Organic Omega Oil, adding a beautiful glow to her skin.

Next up was a facial roller to reduce puffiness, followed by Detox Daily Moisturizer, and finally, the Rubica Hydrating Toner.

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