Charly Jordan all smiles after lake dip

Charly Jordan poses at the Lose Angeles Premiere of The Lost City
Charly Jordan enjoyed a day at the lake. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Charly Jordan looked stunning and happy as she participated in some aquatic fun.

The 23-year-old model shared a short video commemorating a trip to the lake. Several boats could be seen bobbing on the water in the background of the clip.

However, Jordan opted to go fully into the water. Submerging herself was necessary to capture her sizzling reemergence from the water.

The video started with Jordan submerged up to her neck. As it progressed, she rises slowly and smoothly from the water until she is standing up.

With rivets of water dripping off of her and glistening on her skin, she proceeded to walk towards the camera. Despite wading through water she strutted as if she were on a runway instead.

She looked happy and refreshed after her dip as she shot the camera a dazzling smile.

Charly Jordan sizzled for lake trip

For the video, Jordan donned a black bikini which showed off her incredibly toned figure. She accessorized her look with several pieces of jewelry.

Around her neck, she wore a delicate yellow-gold chain. Meanwhile, she donned a matching gold bracelet on her wrist, while her other wrist was wrapped in a thick white bracelet.

She smoothed her damp blonde locks as she rose from the water, slicking them back.

Her lake dip wasn’t the first time she has shown her affinity for the water. Back in October, she shared a short video of herself scuba diving.

She went on a yacht trip with her friend Emma Norton and couldn’t resist taking a dip in the deep blue water. Donning goggles and flippers, she and Norton did some underwater exploring.

Jordan never seems afraid to take a dip when she’s near water.

Jordan launched Beauty In Pain brand

While Jordan is best known for her modeling and for being a social media personality, she has dabbled a bit in entrepreneurship. Her biggest venture has been establishing her Beauty In Pain clothing and accessories line.

Beauty in Pain launched on February 5, 2021. It started as a jewelry line but has grown to include some clothing options.

Jordan explained that her brand is focused on wellness and fostering positive growth despite negative situations.

She has attempted to achieve this mission with some meaningful jewelry pieces. Her loneliness necklace, for example, features a pendant that reads “loneliness” but with the letters flipped vertically to remind wearers that they’re not alone.

She has continued to grow her business through social media promotions and creating products with meaning behind them. Jordan has also hinted that the brand will expand to offer activewear in the future.

Her Beauty in Pain brand offers some gorgeous products and has a solid mission behind it.

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