Charlotte McKinney stuns in open white shirt and black slacks

Charlotte Mckinney looks amazing in her business-like attire.
Charlotte McKinney looks stunning in her black-and-white ensemble. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Charlotte McKinney certainly turned some heads as she revealed her sensual version of business-like attire.

The 29-year-old model was captured in an all-black-and-white ensemble as she posed for the camera.

McKinney surely didn’t disappoint as she uploaded amazing, jaw-dropping content in her most recent share.

Her two million followers had certainly been lured in as the model effortlessly glistened.

The blonde bombshell looked to be enjoying herself for the shots as she slightly smiled while her body language told another story all on its own.

Overall, McKinney made the professional attire look phenomenal as she seemed to do it with complete ease.

Charlotte McKinney rocks her version of business-like attire

The model certainly didn’t shy away from the camera as she stood with confidence and showcased a little skin while doing so.

McKinney completely stole the show with this fit as she wore a beautiful white button-down. The white button-down was a rather loose fit, and McKinney left the first couple of buttons un-buttoned as it gave the shirt an overall low-cut look.

She then rolled up both of the sleeves of the shirt to give it a three-quarter feel as she then tucked the shirt slightly into her dress pants.

For the pants, McKinney wore some classic black dress pants. The pants matched the style of the shirt, which was a loose and baggy feel. The pants were also high-waisted and accentuated her long, slender legs.

The model didn’t wear any visible jewelry, as it reflected a more clean and polished look.

McKinney’s hair was parted down the middle as it was styled in frizzy, loose waves which fell naturally down her backside.

Her makeup looked flawless and complemented the overall aesthetics of the photograph. She wore a smokey brown eyeshadow across her lid, which made her baby blue eyes naturally pop.

She then added a splash of bronzer across both of her cheeks and finished with a pretty, glossy nude shade across her lips.

McKinney certainly proved she could slay in just about any article of clothing as the fit was an elegant masterpiece while it was perfectly executed by the model.

Charlotte McKinney rocks an all-black ensemble

In another recent post, McKinney looked undeniably breathtaking as she attended an event in Tampa, Florida.

The model wore a patent leather, bustier-like top which hugged her torso perfectly.

She styled the top with a matching black patent leather mini-skirt which highlighted her beautiful, long legs.

To match the aesthetics of the all-black ensemble, McKinney wore a pair of black leather boots, which fell right below her knees.

She accessorized with a small, black handbag that was hung over her shoulder.

Once again, McKinney brought her A game as she looked phenomenal in this dark, edgy look.

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