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Charlie Puth shares shirtless underwear thirst trap photo

Charlie Puth's Instagram selfie
Charlie Puth posted a shirtless pic wearing only underwear in a recent Instagram post. Pic credit: @charlieputh/Instagram

Seems as if Charlie Puth has gained some Attention in his latest “thirst trap” post.

The singer, who recently turned 30 in December, shared a swipe-through post to his Instagram page that had fans quick to comment on his intentions behind the photos.

Puth posted a shirtless photo wearing only underwear

The Marvin Gaye singer, primarily known for having “perfect pitch,” shared two shirtless photos with his followers on social media. The first showed Charlie Puth sitting in a chair while getting his hair done, wearing nothing but navy blue underwear.

Puth still rocked the pantless look in the second photo, however, added an opened brown button-up shirt and crew socks for the full body shot.

“Happy Wednesday,” Puth wrote in the caption – without any further explanation behind the photos.

Although the photo caught fans’ eyes quickly, it wasn’t the first time Charlie Puth had posted a picture in his underwear on his social media accounts.

For his 30th birthday on December 2, the singer shared a pantless mirror selfie wearing a tee-shirt and light grey underwear. Although he was standing behind a few plants to “lightly” cover him, followers still couldn’t help but comment on Puth’s revealing outfit.

“Good morning!! I’m 30!! Light Switch is coming,” Puth wrote to celebrate his birthday and newest song release.

Fans react to Puth’s shirtless thirst trap

Although some followers chose to ignore the focal point of Puth’s latest post, most of his fans took to his comment section with their reactions to seeing the singer in his underwear.

“Mister Puth, I almost had a heart attack,” one user wrote.

Comment saying they almost had a heart attack from Puth's post
Pic credit: @charlieputh/Instagram

Another account replied, “Yes Charlie you got my attention, are you happy now?”

Comment saying Puth got their attention
Pic credit: @charlieputh/Instagram

User @puthiespants said they gasped when they saw Puth’s photo show up on their feed.

Comment saying they gasped when they saw Charlie's post
Pic credit: @charlieputh/Instagram

One Twitter user reposted the photo and wrote, “never in my life did i need to know that charlie puth buys the underwear w the pouch.”

One Twitter user made a hilarious suggestion based on the “power” of the singer’s underwear selfies – “Charlie Puth could release a montage of underwear selfies on YouTube with him singing twinkle twinkle little star, and he’d have his second #1. Baby work smarter not harder.”

Comment suggesting what Charlie should do
Pic credit: @YOUNGJACKYOUNG/Twitter

And, of course, some people were just happy to see the half-naked photos show up on their timeline. “Ah…Charlie Puth in his underwear on my feed. Tis a blessed day,” @MariaGiesela said.

Comment happy to see Charlie in his underwear
Pic credit: @MariaGiesela/Twitter

Although most people may recognize Charlie Puth for his catchy tunes and perfect pitch, the singer’s thirst traps may not be too far behind in the ranking.

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