Chaney Jones stuns in skintight spandex with a pink Birkin for bathroom selfie

Chaney Jones in Bikini top
Chaney Jones poses in the mirror in a skimpy bikini top. Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

Chaney Jones looks amazing in her most recent skintight outfit.

The 25-year-old wore the tight outfit for a day on the town with her friends.  

She was seen going to multiple places, including a Miami restaurant, Kiki on the River, and a haunted house with some of her close friends.  

Chaney posted a mirror selfie in a bathroom, where her 626K followers got to see what exactly she was wearing for the day. 

The Instagram model looked super sporty, as she posed in her all-black two-piece set.

The picture, clearly taken prior to her haunted house festivities, showed Chaney looking pretty as ever with a shopping bag on her shoulder and a pink Birken bag directly in front of the mirror. 

Chaney Jones shows followers her spandex outfit  

Chaney sported a tight black sports bra that showed a glimpse of her many tattoos while snapping a mirror selfie in the midst of her shopping trip. She paired the bra with some curve-hugging leggings to create an easy matching set. 

As far as accessories go, her bright pink Birken was the star of the show. Everything else she wore was a lot more understated, including a dainty necklace and a small watch.  

While her followers are used to seeing her with long wavy hair, she switched it up for a center-part bob. For her makeup, Chaney went for a soft glam look. With her long eyelashes and nude lips, she clearly aimed to highlight her best features. 

Chaney Jones with her Birken
Chaney Jones posing with her Birkin while taking a bathroom selfie. Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

Chaney is proving herself to be more than just an Instagram model 

While many people know her for her suggestive Instagram posts and her relationship with Kanye West, there is a lot more to Chaney Jones than some might know.  

According to The Sun, she previously went to school at the University of Delaware. After graduating in 2020, she obtained a degree in elementary education and a minor in human development and family studies. 

Chaney’s passions, however, were more focused on counseling. After graduating, she became the COO of First State Behavioral Health, where her father Avon Jones is the CEO of the counseling service. 

According to First Behavioral Health, The COO believes counseling is an overall necessary treatment, which explains her passion for the field. 

Chaney has said, “I feel as though counseling and behavioral health treatment is a healthy action for everyone. Counseling can help everyone improve in their everyday life and I look forward to working with you.” 

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