Chanel West Coast ‘would love to come back’ to Love and Hip Hop, says Sharon Stone should be flattered

Chanel West Coast on Ridiculousness
Chanel West Coast would be happy to rejoin the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood cast. Pic credit: MTV

Chanel West Coast has a lot on her plate lately with a regular spot on MTV’s Ridiculousness and a successful music career. But that hasn’t stopped many from wondering why she no longer appears on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood or what she plans to do about an alleged Sharon Stone lawsuit.

Those were two big questions that Chanel West Coast was asked when she appeared on The Domenick Nati Show, and in good form, she was happy to answer.

For those that may have missed it, Chanel made a song called Sharon Stoned, which pays homage to one of her favorite stars, Sharon Stone.

Sadly, it seems that Stone wasn’t impressed and rumblings that the iconic actress planned to sue Chanel West Coast have been circulating.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sharon Stone took aim at Chanel West Coast after the television personality and rapper repeated her full name 33 times and just “Sharon” three times in her song Sharon Stoned.

In Stone’s complaint, she charged Chanel with “glomming onto celebrity icons” and made it clear that she “maintains strict control” over how others use her name and her image.

However, Chanel West Coast told Domenick Nati she hadn’t been served by Sharon Stone or anyone affiliated with her, and she didn’t even know that the Basic Instinct actress was taking legal action until it was reported.

Chanel goes even further to say that she’d be a “little offended” if Stone does end up suing her. Then she doubled down, claiming that Sharon Stone should be “flattered” that she made a song about her.

Here is Chanel West Coast recreating many of Sharon Stone’s iconic scenes in the music video for Sharon Stoned:

In the same interview, Chanel West Coast was asked about her time on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, where she was a supporting cast member in Season 4. Right now, Season 6 is getting near its end, and Chanel hasn’t appeared in almost two full seasons.

When asked why she isn’t on the VH1 series anymore, she told Nati, “I’m not sure why I was kicked off Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood anymore, but I’d love to come back.”

Would Mona Scott-Young be willing to make room for Chanel West Coast as a part of the cast next season? Last time she was on the show, she famously fought with Alexis Skyy. Now she’s not on the show either, so they’d have to find a way to work her back in.

Check out the entire Chanel West Coast interview on The Domenick Nati Show below.

Should Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood bring back Chanel West Coast?

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