Chanel West Coast shows off her Versace style in throwback Miami photos

Chanel West Coast in Versace
Chanel West Coast is seen looking amazing as she sports a colorful Versace bathing suit. Pic credit: @chanelwestcoast/Instagram

Chanel West Coast stuns fans as she shows off her colorful bathing suit. This was one of the many high fashion pieces she used for her latest music video for her song, Versace Mami.  

The Nobody rapper was photographed with the rapper Minus Gravity. She was wearing a multicolored swimsuit with the Versace logo front and center. She paired it with bright blue stockings and pink open-toe sandals.  

To fit the Versace theme, she added plenty of gold accessories. She kept different belts around her waist, with stacked necklaces, bracelets, a gold watch, and bright green sunglasses.  

Since she wore sunglasses around her eyes, she kept her makeup simple with pink lip gloss.  

She curled her long brown hair and styled it in big romantic barrel curls.  

Chanel gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the stunning music video. She was seen with a myriad of artists including Justin Love, DJ Kittie, and Yowda on set all wearing their best Versace outfits. 

Chanel West Coast asked fans for opinions about her high-fashion look

While she looked amazing, this wasn’t her only show-stopping look for the music video. She posted to Instagram more behind-the-scenes looks for her fans. She was seen laying on a couch, giving her followers a full view of her gorgeous ensemble. 

Chanel was seen wearing a bikini top covered in pearls, and for a more flattering effect, she wore it upside down. She paired it with black and white high-waist trousers. The Ridiculousness star added black furry sandals that really complemented the luxury look.  

The Love and Hip Hop alumnae ditched the gold and went for pearl accessories. She stacked multiple necklaces to play off the bikini top. She also had pearl bracelets and even pearl sunglass.  

She opted out of the pink lip gloss and instead went for bright red lipstick.  

Chanel West Coast’s song was inspired by her friends  

Chanel’s music video for Versace Mami was beautiful and elaborate, and really incorporated the Versace fashion line to the fullest. What fans might not realize was this was a year in the making. The television personality wrote the song, Versace Mami in 2021 with other collaborators and friends. When speaking to The Source, she explained her same friends were her main inspiration. 

“Our group of friends and collaborators were vacationing in Miami and Las Vegas, while wearing Versace, which laid the foundation for the inspiration of the tracks,” Chanel said. “We all got in the studio together and said let’s just make some magic! It’s fun, boisterous, and up-tempo.” 

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