Chanel West Coast shows off her feline style as she poses on the stairs

Chanel West Coast in throwback photo
Chanel West Coast in a gorgeous photo dressed as a kitten. Pic credit: @chanelwestcoast/Instagram

Halloween is here, but not everyone can celebrate.

Chanel West Coast is getting ready to welcome her little girl into the world and won’t be able to join in on the Halloween fun. However, in lieu of a costume, she showed off her kitten throwback, which would make any fan excited for next year.  

The television personality was showcasing her costume on the steps of her home.

She wore a long-sleeved body suit that sported a cheetah print pattern.  

Chanel paired it with coordinating thigh-high leg warmers that fit the star perfectly. She added clear wedge heels that showed off her white pedicure.  

Her makeup was perfect for her outfit. She had dark eye makeup with nude lipstick and a drawn-on nose and whiskers to sell the cat look.  

She curled her long blonde hair and wore it down so it could cascade off her shoulders.  

Chanel West Coast spent the summer promoting Coasty Swim 

It’s no surprise that Chanel is taking a break because she has been working through her pregnancy. Launching in December, she told the Daily Mail that her bikini line, Coasty Swim, has been her passion project for a while now. This has been where her focus has been during her pregnancy and the entire pandemic. She explained to the site that her coming up with a swimsuit line was on brand for her. 

“I’ve worn so many high fashion outfits on the show, in my music videos, and on the red carpet, but noticed I would get the most comments on my bikinis,” said the Ridiculousness star. 

“Clearly, I have great taste in bikinis,” she joked to the publication. 

The goal of the line was to be not only fashionable but flattering to an array of body types. She would achieve this by doing a lot of research and educating herself in different styles and silhouettes. The line will also feature sizes from XS-XL.  

Chanel West Coast loves Versace  

Chanel West Coast stunned fans as she showcased her maternity outfit, which was Versace from head to toe. The Love and Hip Hop star was on a trip to Vegas and looked stunning as ever. 

The mom-to-be was in a hotel room wearing a colorful button-up blouse that was tied into a crop top. She paired it with low-rise matching leggings that showed off the star’s growing baby bump. To combat the Las Vegas heat, she wore black slides that adorned a gold Versace label.  

Not one to shy away from accessories, she wore a black handbag, waist beads, a Versace pendant, and black sunglass. 

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