Chanel West Coast shows off her amazing curves in a tiny string bikini while enjoying the Mexican sun

Chanel West Coast takes selfie
Chanel West Coast shared hot bikini pics from her vacation in Mexico. Pic credit: @chanelwestcoast/Instagram

Chanel West Coast posed for some photos while on the water in Los Cabos, Mexico. The television personality soaked up the sun in a string bikini and sunhat, asking fans to choose between photos one, two, and three. 

She had a white beach cardigan draped loosely over her while she basked in the sunlight, offering fans a look at her slim figure. 

The first two photos show her posing for the camera solo. However, the third photo showed she wasn’t alone. Joining her on the boat was her boyfriend, Dom Fenison. 

She captioned the post, “Sailing on a boat, while my haters barely stay afloat, if they were a lil nicer I might throw em a rope ? 1-3 tho?,” saving the sweet couple photo for last. 

Chanel West Coast shows off her curves in string bikini

Chanel’s first photo shows her sitting on her knees, one arm behind her head as she appears to look out over the water. Her cardigan is loosely over her shoulders, allowing fans a full view of her flat abs and the curves of her body. 

The second photo shows a front-facing shot of the star as she grips onto the strings of her bikini bottoms. Fans were given a complete look at the bikini as she glowed in the sun. 

The third photo shows Chanel laid back with her boyfriend, Dom Fenison. She’s stretched out against him as she basks in the sunlight. He’s seen wearing a white button-up shirt and jean shorts, appearing to look at the camera through his sunglasses. 

Dom shared photos of their trip himself, sharing shots of the two posing for the camera and a video of their resort. 

The last photo shows Dom and Chanel in a dramatic and passionate kiss as he leans over her and holds her leg up. 

Chanel wore a tan and white bikini with a beach cardigan, while Dom wore a matching white and beige ensemble. 

Who is Chanel West Coast’s boyfriend, Dom Fenison?

According to The Sun, Dom Fenison is a model signed to DT Model Management and is based in Los Angeles. He has appeared in several campaigns, including at least one for Nike. 

He is reportedly a huge Game of Thrones fan and ventured into entrepreneurship once before with his own skincare company. 

The two have reportedly known each other for about five years but officially began dating in February this year. 

Dom used to be a bartender in college, which is where he was discovered initially. He starred in the music video for Hailee Steinfeld and Alesso’s song, Let Me Go. His Instagram bio says that he is a licensed real estate agent and the founder of Music City Accommodations. 

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