Chanel West Coast poses with a huge bouquet to celebrate love

Chanel West Coast has a lot of reasons to celebrate. Pic credit: @chanelwestcoast/Instagram

Chanel West Coast is living her best life and documenting each moment.

Earlier this week, Chanel celebrated Valentine’s Day like millions of others worldwide.

For Chanel, this day was extra special because it was her first Valentine’s Day as a new mom. Chanel’s daughter, Bowie Breeze, came into the world in November, and the MTV star has been in the gym ever since.

The Ridiculousness star has had extra incentive to drop the baby weight because she released a new swimsuit line, Coasty Swim, right before giving birth.

While it’s clear that Chanel’s efforts in the gym have paid off, even hardworking influencers need some time away from work.

But Chanel took some time from lifting weights and promoting her brands to strike a pose with a lavish bouquet and a gorgeous dress.

Chanel’s followers were the first to receive the social media post containing four parts.

Chanel West Coast celebrates love with touching Valentine’s Day share

The first image showed Chanel on a balcony with purple and pink skies as the backdrop. She closed her eyes, revealing pink shimmery eyeshadow which perfectly matched her outfit.

Chanel’s outfit included a skintight baby pink dress with a scoop neck and a short hem. The businesswoman kicked up her leg to show her fabulous chunky Gucci heels, also pink.

Chanel finished the pink energy with a magnificent white and pink bouquet of roses.

The second picture revealed Chanel with her eyes open, showing more of her accessories and a heart-shaped box, likely containing chocolates. Chanel’s layered necklaces included an evil eye pendant and multiple chains. Her soft brown hair cascaded past her shoulder with loose waves.

A swipe right featured Chanel’s handsome fiance, Dom Fenison, as they sat in front of a fireplace at the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club.

Finally, Chanel and Dom gazed into one another’s eyes as the new parents enjoyed their love.

Overall, Chanel looked fun, flirty, and filled with love on her special day.

Soon, it will be back to work for the influencer, who rarely seems to take a day off.

Chanel West Coast promotes Coasty Swim

One of Chanel’s ventures has been Coasty Swim, her September 2022-released swimsuit line.

Last month, Chanel appeared in 360 magazine to discuss her designs with Coasty Swim. She also modeled a few swimsuits as she celebrated Coasty Swim’s latest launch.

Chanel donned the Coasty Swim Ocean Breeze Top with matching Ocean Breeze Bottoms during the shoot. The set, like all Coasty Swim sets, retails for $130.

She paired the mint green bikini with a semi-sheer Ocean Breeze Skirt, retailing for $59.95.

The future looks bright for Chanel West Coast, who is just getting started.

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