Chad Ochocinco net worth: Former NFL star reveals bank balance in dispute of reported assets

Chad Johnson
Chad Ochocinco Johnson talks about his reported net worth in a new podcast. Pic credit: ©

Former NFL star Chad Ochocinco Johnson disputed his reported net worth and revealed his bank balance to prove his point.

The 43-year-old played 11 seasons in the NFL, concluding his career with the Miami Dolphins in 2012.

He was released following a domestic violence arrest after allegedly headbutting his former wife, Evelyn Lozada.

She starred in the reality TV series Basketball Wives during their brief marriage.

Ochocinco is a six-time NFL Pro Bowler and maintains a large social media following.

In 2011, he beat Lebron James and Mike Tyson as CNBC’s most influential athlete on social media.

Chad Ochocinco disputes net worth, flexes bank balance

During an appearance on the Full Send Podcast, Chad tells one of the co-hosts to Google his net worth, to which they responded it said $5 million.

The former NFL star then revealed the balance of one of his checking accounts, adding:

“So what does it say?” Ochocinco said after handing his phone to co-host Bob Menery to confirm his bank balance.

“You’ve just got $15 million casually sitting in your checking account,” Menery said in response.

“Okay, but, I have a question,” Ochocinco continued on the Full Send Podcast hosts. “Can someone explain to me, where does your net worth come from?”

When the host responded, “all of your assets,” Chad criticized his reported net worth, questioning whether they are relying on stereotypes to estimate his assets, stating:

“So why would it be that low? Do they think that I spend all this money? Do they think I fall in a stereotype?”

In 11 Seasons in the NFL as a wide receiver, Johnson earned an estimated $48 million. He appeared in several other projects outside of his NFL career, appearing in TV series such as Dancing with the Stars and the WWE.

In addition, Chad Ochocinco recently earned a reported $1 million for a boxing match, which lasted eight minutes.

He appeared in the undercard for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul fight against Brian Maxwell.

Chad Johnson has previously spoken about financial literacy and some of his unorthodox ways to save money.

He admitted to buying cheap replicas of expensive watches and jewelry as part of his frugal lifestyle.

In addition, the former NFL star spoke about how he spent his endorsement money in a bid to save his salary and avoided big purchases.

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