Celso Pina dies: Accordion legend’s cause of death reported as heart attack

Celso Pina cause of death:
Celso Pina died at age of 66, with his cause of death reported as a heart attack. Pic credit: Celso Pina Official/YouTube

Celso Pina, the Mexican musician known as the Rebel of the Accordion has died at the age of 66.

CNN reported the death of the musician and said he passed away at 12:38 local time Wednesday afternoon in Monterrey, Mexico.

Celso Pina cause of death

According to the reports, Celso Pina’s cause of death was a heart attack. The news came directly from his record label, La Tuna Records.

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Translated, that tweet reads:

Today is a sad day for La Tuna Group, with deep pain we communicate the unexpected departure of a family member, our friend, and professor Celso Piña who died today in Monterrey at 12:38 p.m. due to a heart attack. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and followers. We are left with an intense emptiness, but he leaves us his great legacy forever. We appreciate respecting the privacy of the family.

Seven hours before the announcement of his heart attack, Celso Pina was actually on Twitter himself, posting for his fans.

“Nobody can resist cumbia,” he wrote in that final tweet.

He was also promoting an upcoming concert on Sept. 8.

Who is Celso Pina?

Celso Pina was a legend in Mexico. He was a singer-songwriter who gained the nickname “Rebel of the Accordion.” This nickname was because he mixed traditional Colombian-styled music with other eclectic styles.


Pina worked with several Mexican artists and created some unique music that defied definition. He often took his love of hip-hop, bolero, reggae, rock, and ska and combined it with music by artists like Julieta Venegas, Lila Downs, and Cafe Tacvba.

Celso Pina even picked up a Latin Grammy nomination in 2002 for his solo album Barrio Bravo.

Movie fans also might be familiar with his music. Alejandro González Iñárritu included his song Cumbia Sobre El Rio in the Oscar-winning movie Babel. Colombian Nobel Prize author Gabriel García Márquez danced to his music when he visited Monterrey.

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