Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestant’s remarks resurface: ‘Pat Sajak sucks and the gameshow is stupid’

pat sajak at the Harry Friedman Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Pat makes an appearance at the Harry Friedman Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pic credit: ©

Matt Rogers isn’t gaining any more fans after some of his disparaging remarks about the popular gameshow Wheel of Fortune have come to light.

Matt recently made an appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

The 33-year-old comedian went up against Paula Abdul and Lil Rel Howery during the December 13 episode and was a big winner.

Matt played for Story Pirates, a company that brings children’s creative work to life. He won $260,650 for the charity.

Although his work paid off big time for the organization, his past remarks about the Wheel of Fortune franchise have resurfaced, and he’s under fire for dissing the show and its longtime host, Pat Sajak.

During a 2021 episode of his iHeart Radio podcast, Las Culturistas, Matt went on a tirade, calling Wheel of Fortune “stupid” and taking a shot at Pat.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestant Matt Rogers throws major shade at the franchise and its host, Pat Sajak

“This is a stupid game,” Matt told his podcast co-host, Bowen Yang, and their listeners during a segment called “I Don’t Think So Honey.”

“First of all, there’s no skill involved, and even if there were, no one that they cast has an ounce of it,” Matt continued, going on about contestants landing on the “bankrupt” tile too often, guessing puzzles incorrectly, and buying too many vowels.

“They’re fools. You don’t need any skill involved,” Matt added, throwing some major shade at competitors on the popular weeknight game show before taking aim at Mr. Sajak.

“Jeopardy! is the real game, Vanna White deserves a bigger role, and Pat Sajak sucks,” Matt said.

Matt’s remarks about Wheel of Fortune began circulating on social media again after his Celebrity Wheel of Fortune stint.

Wheel of Fortune viewers take aim at Matt for his derogatory comments about Pat Sajak and the show

Unsurprisingly, Wheel of Fortune fans did not appreciate his comments. They took to social media themselves to call him out.

Twitter user @WheelOfHotties put Matt on blast, writing, “Was prepared to do a post on Matt Rogers who’s on CWOF tonight but I found a video of Matt being a total d**k about Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak and saying ‘Jeopardy! is the real game.'”

“I DON’T THINK SO, HONEY,” the tweet continued, mocking the name of Matt’s podcast segment. “Go back to Jeopardy!”

In response to the tweet, others chimed in.

“Wheel of Fortune snobbery is such a turnoff!” wrote one fan of the show.

“It is! And it’s a shame how ‘acceptable’ it is today,” @WheelofHotties wrote in response.

wheel of fortune contestants tweet about matt rogers' comments on his podcast
Wheel of Fortune viewers reacted to Matt Rogers’ comments. Pic credit:

Another Wheel of Fortune fan with the Twitter handle @WheelRob10 posted the podcast clip along with their critique of Matt’s statements.

“Well, this rant certainly aged like milk,” the caption began.

“Matt Rogers lost on Jeopardy! but won over $260K on #WheelofFortune despite it being a ‘stupid’, ‘boring’ game and ‘Pat Sajak sucks’. I hope Matt gave Pat and the WOF crew an apology at some point,” the response ended.

Whether or not Matt has since apologized to the Wheel of Fortune crew and Pat Sajak is unclear, but fans of the show (and of Pat) would certainly like to see that happen.

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Betty brown
Betty brown
4 months ago

Wheel of Fortune is simply a wonderful, uplifting tv show to “close out” the day on a positive note. I love Pat & Vanna, and they are always at their best! Bah humbug, Scrooge Matt!