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Cazzie David talks beauty standards in red hot swimsuit

Cazzie David
Cazzie David talks about beauty standards and looking natural. Pic credit: ©

Cazzie David made her big splash by acting in The Umbrella Academy as Jayme of the Sparrow Academy.

Jayme has an interesting power — she has special glands in her mouth that allow her to produce a venomous spit, though the effects aren’t lethal, just hallucinogenic. At the very beginning of Season 3 Episode 1, viewers see Jayme spit on Diego, resulting in the hallucinated Footloose dancing scene.

However, Cazzie seemed to relate to her character on a personal level, as she’s known for rather flippant musings and writing on things such as living in a time where the internet and social media play such a large role in peoples’ lives and their perceptions of themselves.

Looking to see normal-looking people online, Cazzie approached the subject personally and offered a swimsuit shoot for a recent interview.

Cazzie David gives natural look in red swimsuit

Cazzie shared a few shots from her L’Officiel interview on her Instagram page, opening with one of her sprawled out on a deck while wearing a bright red swimsuit. The background is rather natural with dark green trees and brown scenery, making the red suit the focal point of the image.

A swipe right shows the writer and actress sitting in a window seat in a cropped tank top and underwear as she gives a steely gaze to the camera.

The third shot is from the same window seat, though her pose has changed to sitting cross-legged as she leans slightly forward, allowing her dark locks to cascade down her shoulders.

Although she poses for these photos like a pro, Cazzie opened up about what it’s like to be online and use social media when there is so much pressure to look a certain way.

The last image touches on the way bodies are perceived online, where she notes that she often pondered the idea of what her cat thinks about being on the phone all the time and how it would be if her cat was comparing herself to other more attractive cats.

Cazzie David talks social media and beauty standards

Cazzie told L’Officiel that at present, she has a “love-hate relationship’ with social media, “which I think everyone has.”

She admitted that while she tries to have boundaries with social media, it can be almost impossible given “the times we live in.”

She added, “This is why I like to write about it, because being able to make it feel ridiculous gives you perspective. The stakes aren’t that high. I think we have to make fun of things in order to not buy into them all the time. For example, for women to fit the beauty standard now they have to look slightly like an alien. Even acknowledging that is so crazy, and it helps you not look in the mirror and hate yourself.”

She also noted that that’s a big reason that “it’s so important to have people who look normal on TV.” She added that no one is born looking the way a lot of people online do now, as many people have had a lot of cosmetic work done.

“And with the amount of people you see online every day that make you feel like that’s what you’re supposed to look like, of course, everyone feels depressed and wants to change their face.”

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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