Carrie Underwood visits Florida in cowgirl style

Carrie Underwood close up
Carrie Underwood stuns in little Daisy Dukes. Pic credit: Pic credit: ©

Carrie Underwood showed up to Florida in classic cowgirl fashion and declared her Florida shows were “amazing.”

The first glittery blue outfit that she showcased in her series of photos included rhinestoned denim jeans that were right on par with the name of her tour, Denim and Rhinestones. Her shiny blue top increased her overall star shine.

Carrie paired this with a colorful and fringey cover-up to give it even more of a cowgirl flair. Similar fringe was included in nearly every performance ensemble in classic Carrie style.

The country singer’s other performance looks were just as magnificent as she showed off her long legs in Daisy Dukes, shined in a gold romper, and descended from up above in a daring black outfit.

Carrie’s hair and makeup were stunning in every look. Her iconic blonde curls bounced free in a luscious cascade and her makeup’s rosy cheeks and long lashes defined her beautiful features.

The American Idol winner profusely thanked Jacksonville and all of Florida for being awesome and making the performances so much fun. The post earned well over 35,000 likes and was flooded with comments.

Carrie Underwood loves her Altantian fans

Carrie’s love for her fans doesn’t stop with Florida. She made another post to send love and thanks for the “rowdy” crowds in Atlanta, Georgia.

The photos made her performances look like an absolute blast and even highlighted her showing off her skills behind a drum set. She worked the crowd with high fives and she belted into her microphone for a stellar performance.

It’s clear that the 39-year-old star has an excellent stage presence, but she gave credit to the concert-goers as well. She included in her caption, “Just when I think the crowds on the #DenimAndRhinestonesTour can’t get any better, we play Atlanta!”

Her fans seem to appreciate her emphatic gratefulness, as her post earned over 37,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Carrie Underwood promotes BODYARMOR

Carrie may be busy with her tour, but this hasn’t stopped her from showing love for her partnerships as the artist recently posted a video to promote BODYARMOR drinks.

In the video, she showed off several different flavors of the drinks while repeating that if she likes it, she’ll “just grab it in another color.” Slowly, as the video progressed, her arms became full of several of the drinks.

BODYARMOR sells a variety of flavorful drinks, and in addition, it also sells low-carb options and caffeinated drinks.

Carrie of course looked amazing in her promotional video with little red shorts, an open plaid jacket, and her blonde locks waved perfectly over her shoulders.

Carrie captioned her post with several heart emojis and tagged the brand.

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