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Carrie Underwood stuns in leggings for yoga mat workout

Carrie Underwood close up
Carrie Underwood close up. Pic credit: © Callahan/ACE Pictures

Carrie Underwood is stunning as she shows off her world-famous legs in leggings while enjoying a mat workout.

The country singer and CALIA founder continues to rep her 2020-founded Fit52 app, one regularly featuring its CEO in promos and last week offering a new video.

Fit52 posted ahead of the weekend with more workout tutorials also featuring Carrie’s trainer and the app’s co-founder Eve Overland, with one slide showing 39-year-old Carrie busting out yoga mat moves.

Footage showed Carrie promoting a “MOVE YOUR BODY FOR 5 MINUTES DAILY” campaign, one that’s a new feature in the Fit52 app. The Southbound singer appeared several slides in and delivering Crab Knee Taps while resting her upper body weight on her arms and alternating her leg kicks while on a mat.

Outfitted in black leggings and a tight and sleeveless tank, Carrie showed off her sensational gym body while in sneakers, also wearing her blonde locks in braided pigtails. In a caption, Fit52 told its 140,000+ followers:

“Kick off the weekend with five minutes of full-body movement—FREE! Head to the link in our bio to try our Daily 5 Move & Daily 5 Stretch for *free* in the app, no trial or credit card required.”

Carrie Underwood’s ‘killer legs’ a major selling point

Carrie is adored for her killer legs as much as her power vocals. Earlier this month, Fit52 shared an entire post and workout themed around the singer’s toned limbs, writing: “It’s no secret—our founder @carrieunderwood has killer legs. And now we’re sharing her exact leg workout—customized for all levels—exclusively in the app.”

Carrie launched Fit52 in March 2020 and alongside the release of her Find Your Path diet and exercise book.

Carrie Underwood’s workout app has users hooked

Just as the app was launching, Monica Chin of The Verge investigated the hype by downloading Fit52 herself and reporting on it.

“Speaking as someone who’s used just about every fitness app under the sun, the workouts are nothing special. They’re made up of very standard exercises that aren’t harder, more creative, or more fun than anything you can find online. And yet I’ve been using it all week more consistently than I usually use other fitness apps. I keep going back,” she wrote.

Clearly, fans are hooked. Also running popular or high-profile workout brands are model Jordyn Woods, plus 50-year-old fitness guru Brooke Burke.